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Benfica accuses of lack of character and there is a solution in emerging… in Estoril

tiago Gouveia remains one of the most prominent names in Estoril. The winger on loan from Benfica to Canarinhos was Nelson Verissimo’s bet, and he returned on Monday night. to score another (beautiful) goal, In front of Casa Pia, with privacy Roberto Martinez, the national coach, was present in the stands of the Studio Antonio Coimbra da Mota.

At a time when Benfica had lost its individual strength, due to the prolonged absence of David Neres – who had taken the Brazilian out of some matches and who was slow to regain the rhythm he had shown in the first matches with an eagle on his chest – Thiago Gouveia emerged as a solution capable of responding to the team’s needs. However, an early return in January seems out of the question. Incidentally, Recruitment with Immediate Impact by Andreas Schilderup seems to have been designed in this sense.

However, it is worth remembering that Thiago Gouveia has so far scored three goals and four assists in a total of 13 appearances for Estoril. This record deserves, moreover, the status of the team’s third-highest goalscorer, bested only by Erison Danilo and James Lea Silecki, the duo who counts four goals.

Schmidt approved

Roger Schmidt was already asked about Thiago Gouveia’s moment in Estoril, in November, and left the door open… for next season. It all depends on what happens by May.

“He’s playing very well. That was the reason why he was loaned to a Liga team. He’s a very talented young player and he has to play to be at the best level. If he continues to develop like him, in the summer we have to make a new decision. He showed that he’s very good in pre-season. He’s a player.” Benfica, they are playing well and will be back in the summer, ”said Roger Schmidt, in a press conference, after winning the Portuguese Cup match in the stronghold of Linha.

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The contract ends in 16 months

Despite a positive evaluation during the loan period, Benfica did not yet believe in renewing the contract with the young winger trained in Seixal. Tiago Gouveia is safe until June 2024, but within a year he will be able to negotiate freely with any other club if, until then, there is no official announcement of a contract renewal.

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