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Benfica attention: Enes Unal is seriously injured, will have surgery and will only play again in 2024 – Benfica

The striker chosen to replace Gonzalo Ramos at Luz has suffered a torn cruciate ligament in his right knee

Striker Enes Onal will only play again in 2024 due to a rupture of the cruciate ligament in his right knee, a serious injury suffered by the Getafe player in the first minutes of the match against Betis and which will force him to undergo surgery, with the estimated recovery time. period of about 9 months. The Turkey international was Benfica’s target to replace Gonzalo Ramos, should the Portuguese be moved in the summer, but now the Reds have to signal another player.

Unal took to Instagram to inform fans of the results of the diagnostic test. “Hi everyone, I have bad news for you. I have a crucifixion tear. Life moves in mysterious ways. Even though we were fighting for a big goal and I felt like I was making huge strides in my career, I can’t lie. It was a huge blow for me,” he wrote as a caption. For a photo of him lying beside his daughter with his injured knee protected.

“Now there are only two things left for me. I support my teammates until the end, I have no doubt that we will save ourselves from relegation. The second is to prepare for the operation and keep working day by day. I feel very positive and feel that this is another challenge on my way. Regrets are not A choice for me and I will stay positive and enjoy my life and this part of my career.”

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