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Benfica B, Porto B, Youth, U17 B game

Benfica B, Porto B, Youth, U17 B game

Game summary

a team Benfica Youth B It is the national champion of the U-17 Second Division after drawing 1-1 with FC Porto B, in the first leg of the final of the competition, which was held on Sunday, May 26 at the Benfica Campus (Stadium No. 1).

With the Advantage gained away from home in the first leg of the final (0-2)The Eagles felt the non-compliance of the outside party in the first minutes of the duel, which allowed the visitors to take the lead through Jose Dominguez in the 24th minute. (0-1).

Hey Benfica tried to respond until the end of the first halfBut the practical effects on the scoreboard were evident in the supplementary phase, where the Reds were always closer to scoring.

This is what happened at minute 66 Ricardo Neto in the Highlands after a free kick from the right side expressed Benfica's control (1-1).

Until the end, danger remained surrounding Francisco Barroso's goal, but the result did not change Benfica became the national champion of the U17 Second Division.

Benfica - Porto


Thiago Lima (Benfica coach): “The final was decided in detail, and we knew they had done that [o FC Porto] He trailed by two goals and that affected the match. What happened in the match was fair, and the result was acceptable in the first half. We were able to beat our opponent fairly. “This title is the icing on the cake, we've had an unbeaten season.”

Antonio Ferreira (Benfica midfielder): “They were completely different matches. In the first leg we won with tactical plans and controlled the timing of the match. At home, we were more comfortable and relaxed, and the start of the match was less positive. In the first half we corrected our mistakes and achieved our goal. We had a perfect second half.”

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Benfica - Porto

Isaac Ferreira (Benfica midfielder): “There were two very competitive matches. This achievement is a feeling of pride.”

Miguel Figueiredo (Benfica midfielder): “We had a great tournament, and we finished undefeated. We started poorly in the last match, but in the second half we corrected ourselves and scored the goal. We tied and that gave us the championship.”

Benfica - Porto

Benfica B-FC Porto B
Benfica Campus (Field No. 1)
Benfica B XI
Leonardo Lopez, Daniel Bangaki, Lamine Fowler (Tomas Silva, 60), Ricardo Neto, Manuel Sa, Jose Neto, Isaac Ferreira, Ricardo Fernandez (Salvador Almeida, 46), Miguel Figueiredo, Nelson Semedo (Antonio Ferreira, 90+). 1'), Jose Neto and Anicio Cabral (David Bogdanovic, 90'+1')
FC Porto B XI
Francisco Barroso, Joao Pinto (Rafael Magalhaes, 73), Salvador Gomez, Afonso Pedrosa, Jose Dominguez (Rodrigo Costa, 85), Salvador Ribeiro (Bruno Cescati, 85), Duarte Cunha (Ruben Barbosa, 65), Bernardo. Lima, Joao Pereira, Francisco Fernandez (Eduardo Ferreira, 73') and Thomas Peixoto
Diogo Pereira, Rafael Magalhaes (73), Marco Silva, Rodrigo Costa (85), Diogo Oliveira, Bruno Ciscati (85), Joao Brito, Eduardo Ferreira (73), Ruben Barbosa (65).
Between halftime 0-1
Benfica: Ricardo Neto (66'); Porto: Jose Dominguez (24')