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Benfica Braga BPI women's soccer

Benfica Braga BPI women’s soccer

Game summary

Ladies team Benfica The schedule for the BPI Liga qualification phase was hit by a 4-0 thrashing against Braga, at the Benfica campus, in Match 3 of the round.

More intense and determined in actions on (premium) lawn, Benfica created the opportunity for the first goal in the eighth minute. The play began as Kika Nazareth, and Chloe Lacas put it up from the left flank and then switched the ball into the central lane, where Kika himself had room to shoot on target. Lu Pinheiro pushed forward, Nicole tried to reload, but the Braga goalkeeper still regained the position and turned the ball into a corner.

Pressure on the central Braga, Kika Nazareth Pass cut At 11 ‘, Regained possession, and came face to face with Regent Lu, however The hat came off a long piece And the ball landed on the top net of Arsenal’s goal.

Close to half an hour of play (29 minutes), A new defect caused by the Attack Space. Katarina Amadou prepared the attack, Khloe Lacas shook from the right flank, invaded the wide area and was knocked down by Diana Gomez, Braga’s number 17 shirt. Penalty! When transferring the maximum penalty, Nicole A shot from the left foot towards the goal (1-0 at 30 minutes).

With the break nearing, coach Filipa Patão faced the need to change the team. In physical difficulties, Nicole was forced to give up his place, Her surrender by her compatriot Marta Sintra (41 ‘).

Busy Marta Sintra rocked football at Benfica in the last meters. After Beatrice Camaro scored Braga’s goal (Lu’s defense in the 43rd minute), it was the young woman who had just entered the match who starred: Marta Sintra He received a pass from Andrea Varia and fell to the right of the area and hit a cross with the right foot to 2-0 (44 ‘), Which is the result that ends the first stage of the challenge.

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The second half began with 3-0 for Al Nisour in the 47th minute. He got the ball back early, Marta Sintra served as Chloe Lakas, who left Kika Nazareth in the face of the goal and did not beg the striker. To mention that the Minho women made two intermission changes in order to get back into the match, but Benfica’s third goal was a blow to Braga.

The young striker was standing warm and 4-0 back at 55 ‘, Across Kika Nazareth. A free kick on the right by Beatrice Camaro, Pauletta did not let the ball go out and sent it to the penalty area where Shirt 18, without dropping the ball, hit Luo. Minho tried to answer and he was Close to the goal, to me 58 ‘, To Laura Lewis, Who made Letícia hatBut Lucia Alves had the ball above the goal line.

With Benfica rest in the match, coach Philippa Patau moved the team, she gave Minutes for less-used soccer players And he did Rest some players In light of the upcoming liabilities that come when the Liga BPI season is at a decisive stage. at Eagles managed to gain the advantage Until the end, it is still sent Two balls for the iron By Kika Nazareth in the time of quarrels but as a result 4-0 It has not undergone further changes.

With this victory, the incarnate begins to combine 27 points (1st place, with another match) And this Sunday, 4 pm, they welcome Famalecao at the Benfica campus.

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Benfica - Braga


Philippa Patau (Benfica coach): “First of all, congratulations to Braga. The value of this opponent should not be underestimated, regardless of the result, because it is still a very qualified team with dynamics and very good players. We must not only look at the result, but also at what we were very qualified and we were able to reach.” Scoring the first goal early made it easier, and it gave us calm and contemplation of the game.We were able to explore what we wanted in terms of the space that we had in the game and from there everything went well, we were able to take advantage of the situations we went through and be qualified In the areas of land we wanted to explore. I repeat: We cannot look at the result, but at the team we faced, which created a lot of difficulties for us. This Benfica is committed to the goals set from the start and will continue to work and appreciate any opponent that appears before us. In this sense we are focused. ” .

Chloe Lacas (Benfica): “It was a great game. We focused on our work to achieve the goals, thinking about the top of the standings of course. From goalkeeper to attacking, we put on a great performance. Game after game, trying to improve and the best dynamics everywhere.”

Women's soccer teams from Benfica and Braga

Benfica Braga
Benfica Campus (Field No. 1)
Benfica Eleven
Letizia, Katarina Amado (Matilde Vidalgo, 68 minutes), Silvia Rebelo (Anna Seca, 68 minutes), Carole Costa, Lucia Alves (Mariana Dantas, 75 D.)(Polita, Andrea Varia, Beatrice Camaro)Christie Oshibi, 62 D.), Cloé Lacasse, Kika Nazareth e Nycole (Marta Cintra, 41 ‘)
Carolina Villau, Matilde Vidalgo (68 minutes), Anna Seca (68 minutes), Mariana Dantas (75 minutes), Christy Uchibi (62 minutes), Marta Sintra (41 minutes) and Julia
At break 2-0
Benfica goals
Nicole (30 minutes), Marta Sintra (44 minutes), Kika Nazareth (47 minutes 55 minutes)
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