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Benfica BV Colegio Ivanor Portuguese Cup Final

Benfica BV Colegio Ivanor Portuguese Cup Final

Game summary

Portugal Cup
The final result
Benfica 3
BV Colegio Evanor two
The first group the second group The third group Fourth group Fifth group
25-22 25-18 21-25 13-25 15-12

This Saturday, March 23, the women's volleyball team from Benfica Won the Portuguese Cup by defeating Colegio Evanor in black (3-2). It was an impressive performance for the Eagles, who lifted the cup for the third time, after 50 years, in their tenth final. Passion and a night to remember!

In the Pavilion of the Viana do Castelo Cultural CenterOne day after reaching the final, by defeating Vitoria (1-3), the Eagles set out for an achievement that had eluded them since 1974. The challenge started late, at 10pm, as the men's semi-final between Leixues and Fonte do Bastardo finished after 9pm, the scheduled time for the Reds' match. Begins .

Hey Benfica started very wellWith athletes Supportive, focused and able to cause their opponents to make mistakes. with 9-6The coach of the northern teams requested the first time out.

the Eagles I kept the pace that it Brona Annanear the net, shot 13-9, scoring the second point in a row. Efficiency in serviceBenfica did not give its rival the opportunity, unable to stop the team's desire. Ruy Moreira.

Sublime work from Fernanda Silva Caused the 16th point against 12 from PV Colégio Efanor. Good-bye, The Reds found more solutions On their game and approaching the partial end. “Benfica, Benfica”, the fans chanted!

Without causing major approaches to the competitor, The Reds won the first part by a score of 25-22!

The second group opened with A Captain Fernanda Silva blocked and Benfica immediately imposed their rule, by Avery Heppell. Strong service for Angelica Malinferno Extended the perfect start (3-0).

Benfica - PV Colegio Ivanor

However, PV Colégio Efanor, with experienced athletes, recovered and, in part 0-4, took the lead. Big plays, some long Paradesclarifying the ability of both finalist teams.

A stage of great balance, but it is embodied in the rise, especially with Avery Hebel gives cards near the grid (8-6).

You Fernanda Silva Services They caused a trembling and the eagles took off (6-11). With his ability to change the course of the match, Benfica demonstrated consistency in operations and achieved an important lead (15-9).

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Benfica - PV Colegio Ivanor

DominantAnd the players who were trained by Rui Moreira has brought out his full potential that it They closed the segment with a difference that speaks for itself (25-18).

Leading the challenge (2-0), Benfica needed another winning run to celebrate. Going into third, which could have been the last, didn't go the best way (1-5).

This advantage was important for the PV Colégio Efanor team, which succeeded in maintaining the difference despite the efforts made in an attempt to compensate for the loss.

Benfica - PV Colegio Ivanor

after time out At the request of Rui Moreira, the Eagles scored Two consecutive points (10-14) Which contributed to increasing faith. At 14-17, it was Colegio coach Evanor who stopped the match in order to break the Eagles' rhythm and also give instructions to his players.

with Avery Heppell ServiceBenfica increased the score to 15-17, and immediately, I could hear the sound of the Benfica fans.

At 18-21, a comeback was still within reach. Hey Ace by Alice Clementi (19-21) A wave of applause, but an error on the next serve left the opponent behind. PV Colégio Efanor ended up reducing the score to 2-1, winning 21-25.

Benfica - PV Colegio Ivanor

When it was time for the fourth period, Benfica got the goal Side of the To open. There was a lot of balance in the initial phase, until the Colegio Evanor team, which made it difficult for the Reds to host the match, managed to pull away (4-7).

Nothing would scare the Eagles, who, with You want so muchHe closed the gap with two consecutive points. Even more acutely, the northern team reacted quickly and a reversal on the scoreboard (6-10) led to a suspension call from Rui Moreira.

without Fernanda Silva, who ended up leaving due to physical complaints, when the score was 7-13, Benfica had difficulty creating dynamics that could balance the duel. With 9-21, the black team took on increasingly real features, and the match advanced to the fifth and decisive set, after PV Colegio Evanor won the fourth set (13-25).

Benfica - PV Colegio Ivanor

The time showed 0:09 when the partial started. Already with Captain Fernanda Silva on the fieldBenfica took the lead with a shot from outside the penalty area Avery Hipple That the competitor was unable to stop. They sang “Power, Benfica”.

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The score 0-3 of the opponents dictated time out By Ruy Moreira. In a long time gatheringBenfica won (3-4), and the match continued arousing! Calling for a challenge from the Eagles led to the cancellation of the point awarded to their rivals and with a score of 4-6 hopes remained.

A shot by Alice Clemente allowed PV Colégio Efanor to reach the change of pitch in the lead, 5-8. Three consecutive points from the Eagles brought life to the wing!

Mariana Garces led 11-10, serving well, but nothing could be taken for granted (12-10). every-time Closer to success, Alice Clemente served vigorously. However, the point went to PV Colégio Efanor. Hearts raced and Benfica closed the set and the match in a match in which the opponent's block was helpless (15-12). 3-2 victory!

Lots of partying on the field, and well deserved!

Next weekend, the Eagles will start their Confederation Cup play-off match, against their rival Esmores, at 7pm on Saturday, March 30, at Pavelhão do Esmores Genacio.

Benfica - PV Colegio Ivanor


Rui Moreira (Benfica coach): “It was a difficult match. We have never, all season, been able to win a single point against Colegio Ivanor. I dare say, without wanting to detract, it is the team that plays better and has been more consistent given the weapons it has.” “He arrived. In these moments of pressure when we represent Benfica, a demanding club, we came in with determination and played well… We had the ability in the fifth set to recover and come back. I'm very happy and very proud of the team.” “The process and the work that we have developed. This group is worth a lot, because we have gone through a lot of difficulties in the 2023/24 season. Benfica is a winning club and always plays to win. We won the title and this season we still have another project to win. We have a project, I don't have the slightest Doubt, he will dominate the national volleyball. I am sure that Professor José Jardim is very happy, Andre López is very happy, President Rui Costa, who has always followed him throughout the year, is very happy, Dr. Fernando Tavares, tireless, even after difficult times, supports us Every day, I'm sure he's very happy. I'm also happy for these guys, because it's my first year here, but they've been here for many years and they haven't succeeded yet, we did it this year. Benfica is the best club in the world!”

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Benfica - PV Colegio Ivanor

Fernanda Silva (Captain Benfica): “It's a huge pride. We worked hard. I think we showed what we deserve and people can trust us to fight for the titles that Benfica deserves. I just have to thank the fans, the fans of the year.” “North is exciting. Our fans really deserve this title.”

Benfica - PV Colegio Ivanor

Alice Clemente (Benfica Zone 4): “I can't explain it in words. We did a great job. The fans can expect everything from us. They were very important, and they believe in us. We are here to bring happiness. Professor Rui Moreira has done a huge job.” He is very loyal to the club.”

Benfica - PV Colegio Ivanor

Tatiana Rizzo (Benfica Libra): “We are very happy. We fought hard to get here, and we worked hard for this title. We could not reach the semi-finals of the tournament, but we were able to play very well in this final.”

Mariana Garces (Benfica distributor)“It's unbelievable. I've never played in a final like this as a senior. It's my first title as a senior. I have no words.”

Benfica - PV Colegio Ivanor

Benfica – PV Colegio Ivanor
Pavilion of the Viana do Castelo Cultural Center
Benfica initial formation
Mariana Garces, Bruna Anna, Angelica Malinferno, Avery Heppell, Alice Clemente, Fernanda Silva, and Tatiana Rizzo (left)
Beatriz Paiva, Marisa Bardal, Shannon Shields, Joanna Garces, Matilda Ferreira, Whitney McEwan, and Marta Aleixo (left)
Initial training at PV Colégio Efanor
Vivian Isidoro, Eugenia Nosach, Ines Pereira, Bruna Gianlorenzo, Sara Evaristo, Ana Cotto, Matilda Rodriguez (left)
Ana Kubrock, Ana Valle, Beatriz Cervera, Ana Garrido, Mariana Maia, Evelyn DeLogo, Lara Carvalho (left)
The first group the second group The third group Fourth group Fifth group
25-22 25-18 21-25 13-25 15-12