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Benfica denies delay in awarding tickets and blames Sporting

Benfica denies delay in awarding tickets and blames Sporting

After Sporting was accused of Benfica Delayed availability of Friday Derby tickets With round 13 of the league counting, the Red Club ensured that it did so “on time”.

“Sport Lisbon and Benfica make it clear that they have made available to Sporting Club de Portugal in due course the tickets which, according to the regulations, must be delivered to the rival club,” in a statement published by Benfica on Tuesday night.

It is reported that Sporting denounced receiving the tickets requested on Monday only, considering that they were supposed to be delivered, in light of the competition regulations, 12 days before the date of the match.

“The delay that Sporting Clube de Portugal hinted at was exclusively due to technical measures related to the ticket system and the platform they used in their endorsement of Leo fans,” notes the embodiments, who also referred to the invitations made to them by the Lions. Entitled to be made available when you “select beneficiaries”.

It should be noted that Sporting considered one of Benfica’s requirements – to have the identity of each fan holding a ticket – not only behind the delay, but also in violation of data protection law. Clube da Luz points out that this is a condition that applies to the visiting fans and the team itself. “These entrances were made available on the same legal terms that were provided for all opponents who came to play at Luz this season, as well as for Benfica fans. Specifically, a request was made to identify those who receive the same ticket, so that each place in the stadium corresponds to the name and number of a citizen, While strictly adhering to the security rules in defense of the show and the audience present.”

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