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Benfica Dynamo Apeldoorn Volleyball Champions - SL Benfica

Benfica Dynamo Apeldoorn Volleyball Champions – SL Benfica

Game Summary

Champions League
second hand of round 2
The final result
Benfica 3
Dynamo Apeldoorn
The first group the second group third group
31-29 16-25 25-21

a Benfica They beat Dynamo Apeldoorn 3-0, on Wednesday 12th October, at Pavelhau N. Still waiting for the opponent.

The Dutch national team entered the match better, undisturbed and nothing to lose yet beats At home in the first hand, the Build 6-11 easilyTaking advantage of a fatal error from the Eagles in the offensive moments. You are Errors in attack led to the match continuing until 10-14However, Marcel Matz’s men managed to turn the group 15-14.

However, outsiders again shot the mark, and took the partial to the set point, with a 21-24. So The difficulties caused by Rafa’s powerful serve allowed the Eagles to tie the match with 24 points. Since then, with Benfica in the lead more often and with greater odds of closing the group, it’s over for him 31-29 (1-0).

In the second group Benfica did not give the visiting team any chance, Impose your ban and attack power. At 13-10 the Eagles started shooting on the scoreboard, and the partial closed at 25-16 (2-0), a score that from the start allowed them to secure a place in the group’s third preliminary round. UEFA Champions League stage.

With the end of the tie, coach Marcel Matz has upgraded the rotation of some elements of his teamwithout that prevented the Eagles from dominating the last set, and they separated themselves from 13-10 until the final 25-21 (3-0).

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Benfica - Dinamo Apeldoorn

In the third round of qualifying for the Champions League, he will face Benfica a Sastamala (Finland)which wiped out the Austrians from SK Zadruga.

The first leg will be on Thursday. 20 Octoberat 16:30 (mainland Portugal time) in Finland, while the return match will be held on Wednesday, October 2620:00, in booth No. 2 Da Luz.

It should be noted that The Eagles vs Nonelvares, this Saturday, October 15, 19:00, At Pavilhão n.º 2 da Luz, in a duel from the second round of the first stage of the national championship.

Benfica - Dinamo Apeldoorn


Marcel Matz (Benfica coach): “It was a complicated match, in the first group they are [Dynamo Apeldoorn] With a very strong service. We suffered seven points in a row. We were able to balance and win the first set, then we put pressure on the opposing team and had more facilities, with a more controlled game. We have a very qualified group. All players are very technically capable. It was nice to have an audience on Wednesday. We will always do our best and count on everyone’s support.”

Benfica - Dinamo Apeldoorn

Pablo Nathan (Man of the Match): “It was a tough game, favoritism was ours, but we faced a new team, who had a lot of energy. We had to adapt to an all-or-nothing game and curb the pressure. We managed to get around the first set and improved our game in the second and third sets. I improved my game and gained More confidence. The team and I did a good job. It was a team effort.”

Benfica - Dinamo Apeldoorn

Benfica – Dinamo Apeldoorn
Suite No. 2 in Luz
Benfica’s starting line-up
Evo Casas (left), Thiago Violas, Hugo Gaspar, Pablo Natan, Peter Wolffärtstätter, Lucas Franca and Rafa
Bernardo Silva (left), Thales Falcao, Andre Lopez, Eduardo Brito, Bernardo Westermann, Aaru Nicola, Jabba and Arthur Boron
The initial formation of Dynamo Apeldoorn
Lipke (left), Teguise, Hoffmann, Berlhuis, Bochodt, Gion Ramon Martinez and Berchot
Nick Teguise, De Ruyter, Meigs, Buck, Bosma, De Vries, Van Cotten and Lane
The first group the second group third group
31-29 16-25 25-21
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