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Benfica in disgrace at the Joao Rocha Derby Futsal Stadium

Benfica in disgrace at the Joao Rocha Derby Futsal Stadium

What happened tonight at João Rocha Pavilion disgraces futsal, the federation, the officials in charge of the referees and the sports fans. An unfortunate night at Valley Todo that in no way respects the sport and sportsmanship that should beat any competition.

We go in parts.

1 – on one match very balanced, Arbitration has once again taken on a disapproving role. Several bids were taken for a clear analysis in the opposite direction, with systematic damage to Benfica. The pinnacle of biased refereeing is evidenced by Sporting’s fourth goal, where our player Robinho was pushed from behind without noticing any foul..

2 – In a match with two great futsal teams, we saw a raucous array of insults, provocations and intimidation that continued throughout the match. How, once again, did Sporting fans break the window behind the bench at Sport Lisbon and Benfica, even injuring one of our players? We also have to ask: This behavior and constant insults by Sporting fans Will you go unpunished again?

3 – The police’s accusation of Benfica supporters is reprehensible. The club will ask the relevant authorities for clarifications of the reasons for this serious decision for the physical safety of our fans.

Final word for TV broadcast on Channel 11. No duplicates, no photos, no comments at the moment on everything mentioned above, unlike other comments that have no respect for sports at all.

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