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Benfica is surprised by not winning the Women's Handball Champion Cup – Handball

Benfica is surprised by not winning the Women's Handball Champion Cup – Handball

Benfica's Vice President for Sports considered it “very strange” that Benfica did not obtain the National Women's Handball Championship Cup on Saturday, after its victory over ABC (29-25).

“This is the country we have,” added Fernando Tavares, speaking to Lusa, after the match in which Benfica beat Braga and became three-time national champions of the sport.


Benfica became the women's national champion three times

Despite this, athletes, coaches and other members of the “red” team enthusiastically celebrated the title among themselves and with a few fans who were present at the Pavilhão Flávio Sá Leite, in Braga, where the match with ABC was played.

With two rounds remaining before the end of the final stage of the tournament, Benfica had to win this match, from the penultimate round, to reaffirm the title and thus achieve the desired “treble”.

The superiority and favoritism “incarnated” was confirmed by the victory over ABC and celebrations erupted immediately after the final whistle, with the entire team expressing their joy in the middle of the field with songs and lots of hugs.

Both the Red captain, Mihaela Mincino, and the emotional coach, Joao Florencio, dedicated the victory and the title to the Ukrainian player, Victoria Porechenko, who was absent due to a serious health problem. They both preferred not to go into details.

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