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Benfica Madeira Portuguese Cup Final

Benfica Madeira Portuguese Cup Final

Game summary

Portugal Cup
The last four
The final result
INT: 18-19
End of minute 60: 29-29
Benfica 34
Madeira is sad 36

Women's handball team Benfica Lost to Madeira CD, 34-36 (AP), on Sunday, June 2, in the final of the Portuguese Cup, held at the Pavelhão Municipal de Santo Tirso.

In Santo Tirso The red spot was seen around the municipal wardAnd it made itself felt inside her. With the overwhelming majority going to Benfica, at the moment the teams were announced, the expressions of support and enthusiasm were very clear. Benfica fans never leave their teams alone, and where there's a Benfica shirt there's a Benfica fan.

a Super Cupthe Fab Cup And for International tournament (Third in a row) The women's handball team wanted to join the Portuguese Cup to make it fully national.

Among all those present who wore the Holy Mantle, there was one person who, in this case, clearly stood out and stood out from the others: Victoria Porchenko. The Ukrainian player, despite not being available to help the team on the fieldShe made sure to be there to support her comrades. A valuable and invaluable presence from an excellent athlete.

The celebration of the national anthem, in the presence of all those present in the pavilion, contributed to reminding us of the following: The Portuguese Cup final was scheduled to be played.

To attack the queen's race, João Alexandre Florencio initially limited the following seven races: Isabella Ferrarin, Margarida Sa Pessoa, Alexandra Chono, Constance Siqueira, Mihaela Minciona, Nadia Rodríguez and Duda.

Benfica even scored first, but Madeira Sade managed to respond to this good start for the Reds, and in the seventh minute they won by three goals. (3-6).

Given the difficulties Madeira were causing on the field, Benfica fans raised their voices and made their voices heard loudly. Indifferent to the energy coming from the bench, the Eagles began to shorten the distance, and when Margarida Sa Pessoa scored her first goal of the game in the 13th minute, they made it 13 minutes. 8-8.

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Shortly thereafter it was Nadia Rodriguez finishes the somersault on the mark (9-8). Two quick goals, Madeira prevailed again (9-10). Three quick goals… and this time it was that Benfica advanced by two goals (12-10).

The clock showed 21 minutes (12-12), The electricity the stadium experienced was almost palpable around the same time. Every ball was like the last, every attack was like the decisive one, and every defense was like the trophy.

“Benfica! We sing for Benfica! We fight for Benfica! We will always be with you!”In Santo Tirso, people sang at the top of their lungs, in a song suitable for all age groups.

Under a flurry of marks, the first half passed and neither team could get going. Four minutes before half-time, the score at 17-17 was an honest representation of the balance on the field.

And in the last game of the first half. Anna Orso saved a shot from seven metres – much to the delight of Benfica fans – and took the disadvantage by a minimal margin at the break (18-19).


In the midst of so much uncertainty, one thing was certain: 30 minutes (in this case 40) was expected to be the best that Portuguese women's handball had to offer. And so it is…

Seconds after the first-half whistle sounded, good news reached the municipality of Santo Tirso: The Benfica women's futsal team has just become seven-time national champions, in an event that sparked numerous reactions in the stands.

“It's done! Women's Futsal has already won the title,” was one of the most frequently heard phrases.

Determined to overturn the outcome, The players, coached by Joao Alexandre Florencio, spent little time in the locker roomGiving preference to performing refresher exercises on the field.

go out to play, The first goal of the second half was for Madeira SadeConstance Siqueira responded and restored the difference to one goal (19-20).

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Once again with Madeiran at the top, once again the stands say 'present'. After Al Jazira advanced by three goals to one (19-22), Benfica advanced strongly! He was heard loudly, not allowing the three-time national champions, not even for a second, to feel alone on the field.

So much so that with a lot of struggle, determination and patience, The Eagles were able to equalize 15 minutes before the end (23-23).

The red bench was an extension of the support coming from the bench. With players who were not on the field and were true supporters of their teammates.


As the match approached its end, and with Madeira SAD always leading, the power, which was already great, became greater with each completed or defensive move.

Joao Alexandre Florencio pushed the stands and his players. Duda scored, and Ana Silva too, but in the middle, Madeira Sade also put the ball into the net. There was a minute and a half left and every move could be decisive.

In the last 60 seconds, Constance Siqueira was able to equalize (29-29). With 20 seconds to play, and with the ball reaching Madeira SAD, we knew this could be the match that would decide the winner of the Portuguese Cup…

This did not happen, either Benfica's defense was very effective and the match went into extra time. What the Eagles fought and appeared to overcome, a disadvantage that seemed, at a certain point, to have a life of its own, is something that will remain in the history of the 2023/24 season, regardless of the result that followed.

On the way back to the locker rooms, another moment will remain engraved in the memory of those who witnessed it. Joao Alexandre Florencio is exchanging mystery, motivation and energy with the bench. A lot of determination, because in Benfica, after the third title, there always comes the fourth, and that is the spirit that drives this team!


The start of extra time was the same as the previous 60 minutes. Madeira prevailed (29-31), and the Reds reacted well and equalized (31-31). After the end of the first overtime, the score was 31-33.

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Ana Silva, from the seven-meter mark, was the first to score in the second half (31-32). The seriousness of the moment was so great that the winger was silent between the moment the Benfica player was preparing to shoot and the moment the ball hit the net.

Ana Silva equalized in the same way in the very next minute (33-33).. The match in Santo Tirso was crazy.

but, Madeira Sade scored three more goals, one more for the Reds, and the Portuguese Cup ended up going to Funchal (34-36).

sad and disappointed, Benfica players were always comforting each other with the cheers of their fans as background music. This was not the expected result, but it was clear that these athletes gave everything they could to win another title.

In a show of great respect to the Benfica fans present, after watching and applauding the award of the cup to Madeira Sade, Benfica players welcomed the fans and spent a lot of time signing shirts that were distributed in the stands. This is clearly one of the most beautiful photos taken on a Sunday afternoon.


Benfica – Madeira sad
34-36 (AFP)
Santo Tirso Municipal Pavilion
Benfica initial lineup
Isabella Ferrarin, Margarida Sa Pessoa, Alexandra Chono, Constance Siqueira, Mihaela Minciona, Nadia Rodrigues, Duda
Ana Urso, Rita Campos, Mariana Costa, Maddalena Pereira, Ana Bolzan, Adriana Lage, Sabrina Santos, Joana Semedo, Ana Silva
Madeira SAD Formation
Isabel Joyce, Carlota Santos, Mina Mandic, Helen Nascimento, Giovanna Muniz, Beatriz Barros, Emiliana Putri, Maria Duarte, Ivana Mitrović, Patricia Rodriguez, Catarina Silva, Francisca João, Neddy Duarte, Marlene Souza and Sheila Langa.
Between halftime 18-19
Benfica's top scorers
Duda (9), Constance Siqueira (8), Alexandra Chonu (6), Mihaela Minciona (5), Ana Silva (3), Margarida Sa Pessoa (2), Nadia Rodriguez (1)