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Benfica Match 3 Final Futsal Playoff

Benfica Match 3 Final Futsal Playoff

Game Summary

league scoreboard
end of the match
(Game 3)
The final result
Translator: 3-0
Sporting 4
Benfica 3
Poletta 5′
Diego Cavenato 13′
Cardinal 18′
Zeke 33′
Andre Sousa (26 minutes)
Arthur (34′)
Arthur (39′)

a Benfica He fought to the last attack of the match, up to (literally) the last second of the derby to stay in the fight for the national title, but Al Hadid proved to be an extra opponent and the team led by Pulpis lost for the third time by a minimum margin (4-3) against Sporting in the Serie A final. The first Spaniard, in Pavelhao Joao Rocha, with the identification of the champion.

With two dangerous approaches to the net, guarded by Guitta, Benfica’s side were the first to score in the derby.. However, with the chances shared, who ended up moving the scoreboard was the host in the fifth minute (1-0), at the conclusion of Polita to pass Eric Mendonca, who, however, when recovering the ball, committed Error (unsigned) on Jacare.

Benfica had two excellent chances to equalize in the 10th minute, but Arthurfirst, and Alfonso JesusOn a second attempt, he missed the goal.

In another duel with remarkable strength, Benfica regained captain Robinho, but he did not count on Nelson (injured) And lost the Rocha axis (injured in the right leg) in the middle of the first half… and agreed to 2-0 In the 13th minute (marked by Diego Cavinato), he puts in a set piece. At that moment, Sporting fans broke a glass in the fence behind Benfica’s bench and the match was stopped for a few minutes to repair the damage.

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The resumption of the match brought another distinct opportunity for Benfica, as Arthur, in the 16th minute, heads towards the Guitta crossbar., after a shot from the hand of goalkeeper Andre Sousa. In the 17th minute, another great chance for the Eagles: a 10m free kick (Sporting penalized for the sixth foul), Arthur shot with his left foot and hit the iron!

Ineffectiveness (and bad luck) on the one hand, and exploitation on the other. The Cardinal, in the 18th minute, ended the penalty area, unopposed, with a pass by Polita, which caused an imbalance in the right. separator arrived with 3-0 on the mark.

Not satisfied, Benfica kept the match alive in the second half. Andre Souza He came up on the field at 25 minutes, risked from the middle of the range and pointed to 3-1. three minutes later, Arthur bet again on a powerful shot.. and hit the post again.

Benfica insisted on looking for 3-2, but Sporting also had offensive arguments and presented 4-1 by Zicky at 33′. Benfica responded immediately and cut the score 4-2 with Arthur’s shot on the left side (34)..


Five minutes from the end, Benfica started to risk 5×4. In his first step into supremacy, Romulo didn’t hit the ball in a superb position. Repeating the strategy with each attack, Glorioso reduced the score to 4-3 in the 39th minute: Robinho penetrated the right side, helped, and in the area did not forgive Arthur..

With 20 seconds left, Robinho was inches away from the equaliser, with a shot carried out a few meters from the area; At the last second, after a corner on the right, Arthur hit the post. Incredible bad luck!

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Thus, the last chance disappeared with a draw in the derby, and with a third minimum defeat in the final match of the tournament (5-4 After extand , 3-4 ot and 3-4), Benfica saw the possibility of the cup discussion continuing further away.



Bulbes (Benfica coach): “The difference is in the details, the moments when we have to know how to suffer, and the moments when we have to be lucky, because there were matches where we lacked so much luck. There were three very well-balanced matches that we deserved to play in this final to the fourth. “In the three they played, the team showed merit to get at least one win. And both here, in the first game, as in Luz, we deserved more. Today was different. We started well, the first five minutes were amazing from both sides, with a fantastic level of intensity, we had four very clear chances, they did too. Then we conceded a goal that hurt us and scored two more, due to errors in concentration, which we couldn’t. t concede. In the second half the team didn’t give up, it was Benfica! We had a lot of Chances are to tie the score, we pressed a lot, in 5 against 4 we had many chances to score, and we deserved it before, but the ball must go in and it didn’t go in.”

Andre Sousa (Benfica goalkeeper): “It is important to understand that doing everything is not enough, there are factors to take into account that make the difference, and in this final, with such well-balanced matches, they have always been on the same side. There are things to improve, those who play with must have Benfica to realize this can’t happen, we have to win, it’s been a long time without winning. None of us are happy with what happened. We want more!”

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Sporting Benfica
Joao Rocha Suite
Benfica is in fifth place
Andre Sousa, Romulo, Robinho, Chichkala and Rocha
Martim Figuera, Sylvester Ferreira, Afonso Jesus, Arthur, Rafael Henmi, Bruno Sintra, Carlos Monteiro and Jacari
Sporting is in fifth place
Guetta, Eric Mendonca, Joao Matos, Diego Cavanato and Merlin
Gonzalo Portugal, Zeke, Cardinal, Thomas Paco, Poletta, Pani Varela and Esteban Guerrero
at rest 3-0
Benfica: Andre Sousa (26 min), Arthur (34 min 39 min); Sporting: Polita (5d), Diego Cavenato (13d), Cardinal (18d), Zeke (33d).