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The VAR hurts Benfica again

For the second time this season, the same VAR, Bruno Esteves, validated a goal that was preceded by illegitimate, given the sporting fact of the tournament with 4 points that Sport Lisbon and Benfica should have more at this time.

In Moreirense’s goal, yesterday, at Studio da Luz, Rafael Martins was in a clear offside position, coming into play and playing an active role in the carambola that resulted in the opponent’s goal.

This same VAR, Bruno Esteves, who did not see the push to Gonzalo Ramos in the last minute of the match against Estoril, which resulted in the opponent being tied, assessed yesterday an error, Rafael Martins’ lack of interference in the movement. This puts Benfica on the losing side in the match against Moreirense.

Thus, Sport Lisboa e Benfica will ask the arbitration board questions about the measures that will be taken so that such situations do not happen again. It will require a clear answer to this topic.

In this sense, Sport Lisboa e Benfica renews its claim to truth and fairness in all matches of the tournament, also remembering that in the Dragon of the Championship, he was also damaged by VAR’s failure on Fábio Vieira’s goal.

Finally, a note for Moreirense’s counter-match, from the first minute of the match, with the satisfaction, not to mention the care, of the field referee, Rui Costa.

Unlimited amount of time lost per goal kick, throw-in, corner or foul. Is this the kind of approach we want to appreciate Portuguese football?

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