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Benfica Óquei de Barcelos National Championship

Benfica Óquei de Barcelos National Championship

Game summary

International tournament
Round 11
The first stage
The final result
INT: 2-2
Benfica 4
Barcelos ok 4
Carlos Nicolia 16′
Lucas Ordonez 25′
Pablo Alvarez 34′
Pablo Alvarez 48′
Miguel Rocha 14′
Luis Kerido 20′
Miguel Vieira 31′
Danilo Rampolla 49′

Sport Lisbon and Benfica This afternoon, Saturday, December 9, Óquei de Barcelos competed in the challenge of round 11 of the first stage of the national championship. At Pavelhão Fidelidad, in Luz, they tied 4-4, in a very balanced and tactical duel.

After playing three matches between November 26 and December 2, the Benfica team, against the Minho team, started a match New intense competitive courseWith several commitments in nine days. Eagles are On all competitive frontsThe challenges continue and the ambition is great!

with Gonzalo Pinto He missed the match due to flu-like symptoms. The beginning of a balanced meeting in LuzWith the two teams studying each other and without clear scoring opportunities. Pablo Alvarez Setting the tone, Diogo Rafael and Lucas Ordonez also tried their luck, however Constantino Acevedo showed service in goal.

Warm match, very tacticalPaulo Freitas asked time out that it Miguel Rocha He responded on the right track. Powerful shot from the corner 0-1 To strangers, to 14′. The answer didn’t take long! Blue card for Miguel Rocha. Direct free kick for Benfica and a goal from Carlos Nicola. It’s done 1-1, at 16 minutes.

Equality was undone in the new Dead ball. minute 20, Big punishment Favorable to the people of Minho, and in conversion, Luis Querido made it 1-2. With 40 seconds to play up commareceipt 2-2. Quick transition, like Miranda, with excellent passing, assist Lucas OrdonezWho was not given a chance against Constantino Acevedo. Everything is open to the other half…

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Call back and the tone changes! A faster game, more intense teams and chances were evident in both goals, with the goalkeepers taking center stage.

In highlighting Minute 31, Miguel Vieira scored 2-3 And make the eagles fly again after losses. Three minutes later, Carlos Nicola made an assist and Pablo Álvarez slotted the ball in to make it 3-3. It was hectic!

More pressingly, with increased production, Benfica have completed the transformation And take the lead for the first time 48“, after appearing Pablo Alvarez. The advantage did not last, and after only a minute, in transition, Danilo Rampolla initialed 4-4 The final result is concluded. Split the points in Loz!

In the next round, the twelfth of this preliminary phase of international tournament, Benfica travels to Business guys.



Nuno Resende (Benfica coach): “It was a well-balanced match, between two excellent teams, where we always had to chase the marker. We managed to make it 4-3, and we managed to maintain our concentration and not make the 10th mistake. Then, in transition, we allowed OC Barcelos to find the equalizer.” “It’s a shame for the work we’ve done, a shame for what we’ve worked for, but this is a period where we’ve clearly missed some spark. Sometimes, in these close, tough games, we’re missing too… The players had the attitude and the quality in many… “One of the moments, and I also want to thank our fans for supporting the team.”


Benfica-OK de Barcelos
Fidelidad Pavilion
Benfica starts with five
Pedro Henriques, Diogo Rafael, Pablo Alvarez, Lucas Ordonez and Neil Rocca
Bernardo Mendez, Zee Miranda, Carlos Nicola, Paul Manrubia and Martim Costa
Óquei de Barcelos starts with five
Constantino Acevedo, Danilo Rampolla, Luis Querido, Miguel Vieira, and Alvaro Moraes
Bruno Ferreira, Santiago Sanchez, Leo Safro, Daniel Oliveira, and Miguel Rocha
Between halftime 2-2
Benfica: Carlos Nicola (16′), Lucas Ordonez (25′) and Pablo Alvarez (34′ and 48′); OC Barcelos: Miguel Rocha (14), Luis Querido (20), Miguel Vieira (31). Danilo Rampolla (49′)
Marca March
0-1, 1-1, 1-2, 2-2, 2-3, 3-3, 4-3 and 4-4
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