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Benfica players celebrate the Super Cup and Otamendi jokes with Joao Neves: “Let’s sleep baby!”  – Benfica

Benfica players celebrate the Super Cup and Otamendi jokes with Joao Neves: “Let’s sleep baby!” – Benfica

After celebrating on the field, the Eagles footballers made several posts on social networks

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Benfica won the Super Cup on Wednesday by defeating FC Porto at the Estadio Municipal de Aveiro 2-0 With goals from Di Maria and Peter Moses. After the party on the turf, the Eagles players took to social media to highlight their “great start” to the season, with posts eliciting several… bizarre comments.

One of these comments was made by Benfica’s captain, Otamendi, who in Joao Neves’ post … did not miss the opportunity: “Let’s sleep, boy,” the Argentine central defender joked, before confirming: “You play a lot!”.

One of the most admired was Di María, who received much praise in his book: “She was born to play finals,” in the words of Henrique Araújo. Otamendi called “a distinguished person”.

flachodemus: “Super Cup!”

Alexander Bah: “once again”

Antonio Silva: “I went to Benfica”

Otamendi: “What a way to start the season! We fought so hard to win this game and I’m so proud of all the team’s work. It’s just the beginning! We’ll always work together!”

rustic: “Perfect start to the season, let’s go for more!”

Joao Neves: Use the heart emoji

Coxo: “The Super Cup is ours! It’s always good to start the season with a trophy”

From Maria: “Happy to start the season like this. It was a tough game, but we deserved the title. That’s why we took the trophy to Lisbon. Let’s go to Benfica. Congratulations to the whole team for the sacrifice and winning mentality. We keep growing.”

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Ornesses: “Good start to the season. Let’s go to Benfica”

John Mario: “Congratulations to the team! Achieving the trophy and the first goal”

Jurassic: “About last night…come to Benfica!”

contemplation: “Excellent start. Let’s go to Benfica!”

Florentino Lewis: “The Super Cup is ours! There was no better way to start the season. Let’s go, Benfica!”

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