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Benfica responds to Oliveriense: “Pedro Henriques was provoked by Platero.”

Benfica responds to Oliveriense: “Pedro Henriques was provoked by Platero.”

Today, Tuesday, Benfica responded to Oliveriense's statement, in which he “regrets” Pedro Henriques' attack on Franco Platero, after the final whistle of the fourth game of the semi-final of the National Hockey Championship.

Through the official sports page, the Reds confirmed that the Oliveira de Azimis team athlete provoked his opponents and incited them “either with words or physical contact.”

Furthermore, Benfica asks the Portuguese Skating Federation's disciplinary board to take into account Franco Platero's provocation “in defense of the good reputation of this sport.”

Read Benfica's full statement:

“In light of the photos that were published, it has become clear that what happened with our goalkeeper Pedro Henriques was instigated and provoked by Oliveriense player Franco Platero. The photos prove that Franco Platero provoked the Sport Lisbon and Benfica players when he received them, whether through words or physical contact. .

We therefore hope that the Disciplinary Board of the Portuguese Skating Federation will be able to act on the assault and provocation suffered by the aforementioned UD Oliveirense player. “Even in defense of the good reputation of the sport, it is unfortunately greatly tarnished by those who do not deserve to be in it.”

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