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Benfica returns and joins Sporting in the Futsal League Cup Final – Futsal

Benfica returns and joins Sporting in the Futsal League Cup Final – Futsal

Benfica guaranteed to face Sporting Lisbon in the Futsal League Cup final, which will be held on Sunday, after defeating Belenenses 7-2 on Saturday, in a match in which the Eagles started losing.

Even the Reds, the current title holders, were surprised by the sudden entry of Restelo's “neighbours” into the match, but they did not face any major difficulties in imposing superiority, achieving surprise, and achieving victory in the second half. On the Sylvester Ferreira trilogy.

The match was also marked by this dream entry from Belenenses, who was competing in this stage of the competition for the first time, as he took the lead after only 25 seconds, when Edson Patrick intercepted a bad pass from Athor, isolated himself and did not stop until the score made it 1-0.

The Reds were surprised, and immediately set off in search of a recovery, threatening them with shots from Czeskala, Arthur, and goalkeeper Leo Gugel himself, who was part of the attacking movements.

The Eagles' persistence paid off in the fourth minute, when Gonzalo Sobral inadvertently blocked a long-range shot from Kochi, but followed it up with a reload for the equaliser.

With more speed at this point, it was not surprising that Benfica, in the 12th minute, turned the corner, in a move by Arthur and finished off Jacare on the sideline, immediately taking advantage of this advantage, with a goal from Silvestre Ferreira. Goalkeeper Leo Gogel's first shot was deflected.

Despite the disadvantage, Belenenses did not hide, they were once again clever and took advantage of another loss of possession from their opponents, as Diogo Furtado isolated himself and reduced the score to 3-2 in the first half.

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Even in the face of supervision, Benfica did not shrink at the beginning of the second half, and established itself in the opposite half, as a result of excellent movements, and began to build the defeat.

Once again, goalkeeper Leo Gugel set an example, this time effectively, when he made it 4-2, with a shot from distance, in the 24th minute, in a move that served as an inspiration to teammate Silvestre Ferreira.

The Benfica winger then became one of the man of the match, scoring the hat-trick, just before half an hour, with two successive shots full of effectiveness, making the score 6-2, and practically the 'ticket' to the final.

Belenenses had more difficulties in 'damage reduction' and although they continued to engineer some counter-attacks, they were unable to free themselves from the pressure of their opponent, who was still receiving a bicycle kick from Arthur, which was turned over by the crossbar, another sovereign chance.

In the last five minutes, Restelo's team bet everything on 5 x 4, but in losing the ball, they ended up exposing themselves and allowing Djacarey to score the 'double', with a shot from distance, 'sealing' the final 7-2.

Thus, in the final, Benfica will face its rival Sporting, who eliminated Leis de Porto Salvo in the other semi-final, in a match scheduled for Sunday, at 9:00 p.m., at the Povoa de Varzim Municipal Pavilion.

The match was held in the Póvoa de Varzim municipal pavilion.

Belenenses – Benfica, 2-7.

End of the first half: 2-3.


1-0, Edson Patrick, 01 min.

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1-1, Gonzalo Sobral, 05.

1-2, Jacari, 12.

1-3, Silvestre Ferreira, 13.

2-3, Diogo Furtado, 14.

2-4. Lee Gogel, 24.

2-5, Silvestre Ferreira, 28.

2-6, Silvestre Ferreira, 29.

2-7, Crocodile, 37.


– Belenensis: Carlos Paulo, Jota, Bruno Vicente, Edson Patrick and Bruno Paulo. Rafael Freire, Ivo Oliveira, Luis Nunes, Gonzalo Cardoso, Helder Fernandez, Duarte Pereira, Diogo Furtado and Marinho also played.

Coach: Thiago Guillou.

– Benfica: Leo Gugel, Silvestre Ferreira, Arthur, Ivan Českala and Jaccaré. Afonso Jesus, Gonzalo Sobral, Edmilson Cocchi, Bruno Sintra, Carlos Montero, Diego Nunes, Lucio Rocha, Daniel Osuji and Rocha also played.

Coach: Mario Silva.

the reviewer: Eduardo Coelho (AF Aveiro) and José Moreira (AF Porto).

disciplinary action: Yellow card for Jota (23), Carlos Paulo (25) and Lucio Rocha (27).

Coaches' statements

– Mario Silva (Benfica coach): “We faced a great team with a history, and they gave us a lot of work, especially in the first 20 minutes, where we were not as fast and intense as we know them to be. Then “we were able, especially in the second half, to impose our ideas and play.” Because we are the best. We had an obligation and responsibility to be in this final and defend this cup that we won last season. We don't want to give that up.” “This trophy. “It will be a final between the two teams that bring the most people to the stands and we have to be at our best.”

– Thiago Guillou (Belenenses coach): “We are very proud of our team and everything we did in this competition. In the first half of this match we did what we wanted, taking advantage of Benfica’s mistakes. It was a shame that we were not.” “More effective. In the second half, despite Benfica's merit, we lacked quality. We are an amateur team and we left a good response. We showed that we are supportive and lethal. Being in these competitions will help us grow. We have to emerge stronger as a working group.”

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