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“Benfica? The coach doesn't talk to the sporting director, doesn't want to see him…”

“Benfica? The coach doesn't talk to the sporting director, doesn't want to see him…”

toUís Vilar, the television commentator, gave an interview to the Sports Tailors program “Final Cut”, an excerpt of which was released on Monday, in which he gave a description of the internal environment at Benfica, as a result of the lack of relationship between coach Roger Schmidt. And Rui Pedro Braz, the Eagles' sporting director.

“At Benfica there is a sporting director who also wants to have a say. He wants a role that is more present, moving, influencing and getting into Rui Costa's head. He has to deal with him. There is a coach who does not do that.” Talk to the sporting director, you don't even want to see him…” he began to reveal.

He added at the time: “There was a day when I said something to my assistant and he didn't acknowledge it. He didn't want to see it.”

Furthermore, Luis Villar also evaluated Rui Costa's work in general since he took over the management headed by Luis Felipe Vieira, questioning his management model.

“You lack management skills. Managing a company with a revenue of 300 million euros a year… How many similar companies are there in Portugal? How many companies are run by someone who has never managed anything before? They have no management experience…,” he added. .

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