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Benfica: Umaro Embalo sacked, businessman announces

Benfica: Umaro Embalo sacked, businessman announces

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Umaro Embalo, 21, of the second team, has been released from Benfica.

The news was reported by businessman Catio Baldi, who said he had been informed by Rui Pedro Braz that the player was “no longer part of Benfica’s plans” and that he was therefore authorized to “take care of the athlete’s life”.

Catio Baldi says he is “disappointed and disappointed” with the decision, which he says he cannot understand.

“The management at Benfica with Omaro Embalo is unfortunate. I do not understand or accept how an asset sold in 2016/17 for €20 million to Leipzig, from Germany, could be devalued in a deal that did not materialize and only officials at that time could explain why.”

The businessman also talks about old negotiations with Southampton that did not materialize due to the commissions requested by Cesar Boaventura, who did not represent the athlete, guaranteeing that “in January, Basel wanted Omaro Embalo and made a bid of 50 per cent. Per cent of the pass for 3.5 million, there was an agreement to move and suddenly Benfica backtracked, claiming that they wanted the athlete to stay because they believed in him.”

Fonte do Benfica confirmed to Maisfutebol that Catio Baldé was never informed of the player’s dismissal, but they were open to hearing solutions for his future.

The same source says Basel’s proposal was a loan, although there is a purchase option, and added that Umaro Embaló is in the process of changing actors, tying this to Catio Baldé’s position.

In a post on social networks, Cesar Boaventura guarantees that at no time has he been involved in negotiations over Embalo’s age.

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