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Benfica V. Guimarães Betclic Play Off

Benfica V. Guimarães Betclic Play Off

Game Summary

Benfica and in. Guimarães discussed the third game of the Betclake Playoff League quarter-finals early on the afternoon of Sunday, April 10, in Pavelhao Vedelidad. The Eagles won 65-54, which turned the tide of the match in the last quarter and qualified for the semi-finals!

with the Necktieafter winning the second game on Saturday afternoon (77-58), Benfica entered the field with a winning mission to reach the semi-finals of the tournament. In the stands well of supportersShe was also present at President Rui Costa and the club’s women’s futsal team.

Guimarães did better, and maintained the edge on the scoreboard until 13-13, when the Eagles tied the match. Balance became the dominant note, and at the last moment, it became Benfica took charge of the matchand the part that will be obtained ends 19-18.

In the second bedroom Led by Eugenio Rodriguez, he showed some incompetence near the basket. Taking advantage of this slip into the red attack and launching several three-point shots, V. Guimarães once again passed to the front of the label (23-26). The course of events has not changed and Benfica arrived in the first half at a disadvantage: 30-32.

reboot her had Benfica with more positionsAnd More inspirational about the first part of the meeting, to come out quickly to attack and take the initiative. Opponents gave the signal, kept the outer hit in tune and closed the part 44-47. All open to the last 10 minutes and crucial …

Benfica women's basketball

Here, yes, we saw the red team play more Benfica! Normal 8-0 partial (52-47)And Eagles started to own More comfort and confidenceHe risked the plays and went for a recount. you The numbers don’t lie: 65-54, 11 points difference at Benfica victory that achieved the goal.

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In the Betclic League semi-finals, the Eagles face Jedesa Barreiro. The The first match has been scheduled for April 17Sunday, With time and place.

Eugenio Rodriguez


Eugenio Rodriguez (Benfica coach): “Regardless of the failure, the team just couldn’t stop. It’s one of the mottos of this season. We knew we were going to have ups and downs, it was a race victory. We were sub-par, but we were able to discover other things in this game. The fans have what we have in mind. They are clearly the sixth player and they are facilitating everything.”

Joanna Soiro (Captain Benfica): “This first round that we already knew won’t be easy. Vitoria [de Guimarães] It’s growing tremendously, seen in the three matches we’ve played against them. We look at these matches as we look at the other finals. I am proud of the team for their commitment and dedication. We were behind the whole game, but we got through the last quarter of the race and got the victory. When we see the winger celebrate every point, it’s hard to describe in words. I want to thank all the fans who were here.”

Benfica women's basketball

Benfica V. Guimarães
devotion suite
Benfica is in fifth place
Joanna Soiro, Taylor Peacock, Laura Ferreira, Candela Gentineta, Raffaella Montero
Carolina Gonçalves, Cynthia Dias, Marta Martins, Ana Barretto, Mariana Silva, Carolina Rodriguez, Maria Lopez
First Quarter Second Quarter Third quarter Fourth quarter
19-18 30-32 44-47 65-54
Benfica scorers
Rafaela Montero (17), Carolina Rodriguez (13), Laura Ferreira (11), Candela Gentineta (8), Mariana Silva (8), Joanna Soiro (6) and Marta Martins (2)
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