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Benfica wins at Torense – Futsal

Benfica wins at Torense – Futsal

The Eagles are flying high in the West with a 7-2 victory

• Photo: David Cabral Santos

A celebratory performance on their return to Liga Placard resulted in Benfica’s impressive 7-2 win over Torense at Torres Vedras, with Brazilian winger Arthur the highlight, scoring a hat-trick.

The match started excitingly with two early goals: Jacare opened the scoring for the Reds with a header in the 1st minute, but just two minutes later Ruben Santos responded with a goal from Torrenci thanks to good individual play. The Eagles dominated and had the main chances, but Jota rose between the posts and maintained the tie until the end of the first half. Benfica came back strong again in the second half and Gonzalo Sobral gave the visitors the lead again after an assist from Jacare.

Mario Silva’s men continued to keep their foot on the accelerator and extended the lead through Arthur with a pass from goalkeeper Leo Gugel, who came up the pitch to unbalance the Eagles’ attack. Since then, the Luz have continued to achieve quiet victory. Arthur scored two more goals, and Bruno Coelho and Jacaret also scored. A result that was very punishing for what Torrensi produced and that stopped at just 7-2.

Written by Duarte Gomez

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