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Benfica wins but loses the first points in the tournament – volleyball

Benfica wins but loses the first points in the tournament – volleyball

This afternoon, Benfica played its toughest match of the 2023/24 National Championship, achieving a difficult victory over Castelo da Maia, a team tied for fourth place in the standings. The national champions won 3-2, but lost their first points in the competition, as a win by the minimum margin is worth only two points, with the defeated team adding one point. So far, Benfica has only recorded 3-0 or 3-1 victories, which is worth the three points. The home side set the tone immediately, winning the first half 25-23, and Benfica responded with a more comfortable, 25-14 victory that will be expected to dominate the rest of the match. That did not happen, as the Miatos showed their mettle, going from 2-5 to 10-8, to win the partial 25-22.

Benfica responded again, and did everything in their power to be the favorite, winning the fourth set 25-19 and settling the match in their favour.

In the fifth set, it was not easy for the Eagles, and they were always in front, as they led by four points at 8-4, increasing to five points at 10-5, to finish 15-9.

Benfica are still in the lead with one day remaining in the first stage, and the same is happening with Castelo da Maia’s fourth place finish, which could be overtaken on Monday if Fonte do Bastardo adds all three points in the eyes of winger Joao Rocha.

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