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"Benfica's Great Game" and "The Peak of Truth": Luis Felipe Vieira breaks the silence - Benfica

“Benfica’s Great Game” and “The Peak of Truth”: Luis Felipe Vieira breaks the silence – Benfica

The ex-chairman incarnate for CMTV spoke about the Eagles’ departure at Anfield and his life right now

Luis Felipe Vieira broke the silence that had been in place since October last year – when he appeared in Luz to vote in the Benfica election – and in comments to CMTV, at Lisbon airport, he addressed the Eagles’ Champions League campaign. “I saw the game [com o Liverpool]. It was a great match for Benfica, but it was impossible. We had an honorable exit, which is very important, and that is the most important. About Benfica’s time, I shouldn’t make any comments, I’m not a manager, Benfica’s leaders have to make comments,” he began by saying that the ex-president is reincarnated.

Luis Felipe Vieira: “It’s a difficult period but that’s it, now I will travel and rest”

Vieira was also asked about his life on a personal level, while the “red card” process continues: “At this point, I did what I had to do. It’s a difficult period, now I will travel, rest. Until the moment of truth comes.”

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