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Benfica's high pressure against Bayern Munich has been analyzed in detail by UEFA - Benfica

Benfica’s high pressure against Bayern Munich has been analyzed in detail by UEFA – Benfica

The European football governing body highlighted the moment of the match against the Bavarian club

Today, UEFA shared a video on social media, as part of the tactical analysis of the Champions League matches, with the moment of high pressure from Benfica in the match against Bayern. The Bavarians crushed the Eagles 4-0, but this report, prepared by the UEFA Technical Monitoring Committee, highlighted the move.

“Benfica put in a valiant display in an attempt to contain Bayern’s dominance as much as they could. This courage was evident from the first minute, when one of the three Benfica defenders entered the Bayern midfield, putting pressure on the midfield in an attempt to destabilize the visitors’ build,” the report sums up. On top of that, the three attackers worked hard on the initial high pressure and also had chances on the counter-attack, especially when Roman Yarimchuk slipped Dayot Obikanu in a half from the midfield before shooting more than (35 seconds before his free kick).) .for Bayern goal) (…) When pressed high, this was a flexible system with one of the three central defenders sometimes entering the midfield to keep one of Bayern’s attacking players, creating a 1-4-3-3. At least until the second goal – Benfica did it well, especially with Jan Vertonghen (5)”, adds UEFA.

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