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Bento da Costa rejects the crazy things in the market and confirms Benfica's invitation

Bento da Costa rejects the crazy things in the market and confirms Benfica’s invitation

Porto club president, Jorge Nuno Pinto da Costa, has stated that Sérgio Conceição has not made “special demands” regarding the transfer market. “We will start work next week on what is needed, because it is possible that players will leave,” said the FC Porto official.

In an interview with JN/TSF, Pinto da Costa also confirmed that “there is interest, for example, from Fiorentina in Sergio Oliveira”, as well More football mentioned. There are others who may or may not [sair]If his departure is really important and if we have a replacement,” he added.

In response to a question about the investment ability that Porto club will have next season, the white and blue leader repeated: «We will seek to improve the team without going into madness, because there was some madness, among the comas, that this led to his fall in fair – financial play. […] I’m sure we’ll get out of the financial fair play and try to maintain the competitiveness we had.”

Another topic covered by Pinto da Costa is The meeting of the presidents that took place in Mulhada This made him sit at the table with Benfica’s president, Luis Felipe Vieira.

The full answer of the FC Porto president was: “You can’t see the people’s approach because of the presence or absence of a meeting. Almost all the chiefs assembled. When you go to a business meeting, there is no “I’m talking to this person” or “I’m talking to that person” phrase. Making a movie where this plays this one and this one plays the other, no. The initial idea for this movement, and I have no problem saying it, was from Benfica. Benfica contacted the Porto team to see if he was available and we said yes immediately.”

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Pinto da Costa also assumed that he was speaking to the leader of the incarnate: “If I say I will talk to Luis Felipe Vieira there, of course I will. Outside? Outside, we usually don’t meet. But if you find it, from the moment we are in a working group Of course I will not be intimate, but I will not fail to greet you and speak with you.”

As for the naming of the stadium, the FC Porto captain assumed that it was an ongoing process whose minimum value should be “about five or six million”.