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Bento da Costa targets Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa and Antonio Costa: We can't wait any longer ″

Bento da Costa targets Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa and Antonio Costa: We can’t wait any longer ″



Porto club president criticizes the two state figures. Speaking to Porto Canal, he talks about a “ridiculously centralized” country.

our end: He said, “I did not receive anything from the President of the Republic. I received from the government through another director, the Minister of State for Sports.” [João Paulo Correia]Who sent congratulations. Otherwise, I didn’t receive anything. Indeed, the Prime Minister was keen to congratulate FC Porto, coaches, athletes and fans, and was keen to set aside the leaders. I consider myself to be congratulated in only a small part, because I am a fan, but as chief, I consider myself being left out on purpose, which makes no difference to me. “

Criticism of political power: “I think the political force has that mentality that Portugal is Lisbon. And when Sporting or Benfica win, they have a party, they greet us, they make speeches … When FC Porto, which is not from Lisbon, wins president, the Republic takes the opportunity to say we have a party and congratulate Sporting, Benfica and Braga, because they are in fourth place. But this is perfectly normal in a ridiculously centralized country. It is clear that we cannot expect more from the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister.”