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Bergen News |  – Sorry, it's full again today

Bergen News | – Sorry, it's full again today

Mads Gilbert's lecture on Gaza led to long lines at the student center on Saturday. Nearly 1,000 people attended, the vast majority of whom had to turn around without getting a seat in the “Egg” hall, which has a capacity of about 270 people.

An additional lecture was organized on Sunday. But so far it was crowded and there were long queues. Gilbert himself is surprised when he hears that the hall is full for the second day in a row.

– impossible! He shouted on his way to the lecture.

The famous doctor praises the commitment of Bergen residents.

– It shows in a very wonderful way how committed Bergen is to Gaza and the Palestinians. Across political parties, gender and age, people choose to stand together because it matters to us all. We want human dignity, human rights and equality. That's why people are running out of their homes, Gilbert tells BA on his way inside.

Full again

The guards outside do their best to find a place for everyone, but in the end they have to tell people that there is not a single seat available.

Many of those at the end of the line expressed their belief that the high voter turnout was good, even if they did not participate.

“I think it's very nice, even though we want to get in,” says Kirsti Helmeland Brakstad, who eventually received the message that there was still room for her and her daughter.

Leon Tuskangerpol was one of the first to be told the place was full. He takes it with a smile.

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– I was going here yesterday, but I heard it was full. It's a bit boring not to come, but I think it's great that the place is full today too, and that there are a lot of people who care and want to look for information, he tells BA.

He must turn around

A few minutes after he said that, the counter message came from the guards. By housing people better together, there is room for a few more. Leon has to enter.

Not everyone is equally lucky. The last arrivals must return home with unfinished business.

– Is this correct? We were looking forward to it, because we had heard so many good things about it, shouts a woman who does not want her name to appear in the newspaper, after being told that she is completely full.

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And here they get the message: – It's full! You are not allowed to enter!