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Bernard Toby's trial continues without him and his lawyers

Bernard Toby’s trial continues without him and his lawyers

Bernard Toby will not attend the rest of his trial and will be denied the right to be defended before the Paris Court of Appeals, which will judge him. “Corruption” And “Public Finance Fraud” In the arbitration case filed in 2007 to resolve its dispute with Credit Leonois. The incident has been going on since the trial resumed on Monday, May 10th. On Tuesday, May 25, businessman attorney M.J.e Herv டெ Demim, whose client is suffering from multiple cancers, is on the verge of undergoing new surgeries.

“Very good, perfect, good!”, Launched by Me Demim left the room with his partner Julia Minkowski.

This departure was not a success for anyone. Bernard Toby is so weak, no one can deny it. But above all, he did not want to be condemned. However, since the appeal case was reopened – after the first suspension for medical reasons – the businessman has had to settle the matter. The three judges who make up the Paris Court of Appeals translate its defense – much more offensive – than the court that declared a general release in July 2019.

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By attending the first days of his audience, he hoped that the businessman would convince them that he was no longer the shadow of the fighter. Another dimension is added to this. Beyond the judges, Bernard Toby is leading a war in public opinion. He is famous – as evidenced by the reactions to the attack he and his wife encountered at their home in April – and did not want to appear as a fugitive in the face of justice after appearing on television sets.

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“I’m here!”, On Wednesday, May 12, he began appearing in court to mark his disagreement with another defendant, former magistrate Pierre Estoop, 95, who was prosecuting as a member of the arbitral tribunal, who in the first instance advanced for medical reasons not to appear before authorities but to be represented by his attorneys.

“He is, against the advice of his doctors and against mine!” “, And then Me Having already shown his willingness to leave the continuation of this investigation, the outcome did not seem favorable to him. By announcing on Tuesday, May 25, that Bernard Debbie will no longer appear and that he will no longer be protected, his defense somehow takes note of a predictable hope, but seeks to empty its meaning.

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