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Bernardina Brito warns on social media: “It's all a lie” – Big Brother

Bernardina Brito warns on social media: “It's all a lie” – Big Brother

The former contestant from “Casa dos Segredos” protests on social media after being exposed to a social media scam. Find out everything here…

Bernardina Brito alerts her followers to a plan that uses the image of the former Casa dos Segredos competitor without his consent. The previous post mentioned that one brand is using the name Bernardina Brito to claim that they consumed this product to lose weight. In the description, when denying the brand's statement, Bernardina said: “Watch the video carefully and do not buy this product. I have never eaten it before and do not know about it.”

Remember, Bernardina Brito took to social media on November 1, 2023 to show a sudden transformation in her body, after she lost “30 kilograms in four months,” after undergoing surgery. “These two photos are separated by the word ‘decision’, the decision to change the course of my future and the future of my family,” Bernardina Brito began to point out, in a post she shared on her Instagram page, where you can see the before and after.

Today, March 15, 2024, a brand took over a former competitor's photo to claim they used their products to lose weight. Bernardina did not take long to respond and left a warning to her followers: “The most important thing is to warn you against purchasing such a product that I have linked to for weight loss (…) It is all a lie, I do not even know the reason for the brand (…) They link my picture to deceive you (). ..) Do not buy this product (…) I lost weight yes, but with metabolism.” See the full post here:

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