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“Bernardo changed the way I see football, his mind is crazy.”

“Bernardo changed the way I see football, his mind is crazy.”

Jack Grealish paid tribute to Bernardo Silva, the Portuguese midfielder, with whom he shares a dressing room at Manchester City.

Speaking to The Mirror, the Englishman said that Bernardo has changed the way he understands football and considers him the best player he has ever played with.

“Bernardo changed the way I see football. Of all the guys I’ve played with, he’s probably the best. He defends the way his brain works in a crazy way.

Grealish later recounted a match that featured Guardiola asking Bernardo, which left him distraught.

′′ I remember last year’s game when Pep sent him to take the ball from Ederson. He would pass the ball to him and Bernardo would dribble. And I said, “What the hell is this? Does this guy think he’s playing football on the school field? It was awesome. It’s unbelievable.”

The Englishman who participates in the World Cup with the selection of «Três Leões» also highlights the courage of Bernardo Silva.

“Pep says he wants us to show a ‘tomato’. We have to want the ball, even under pressure, when the opposing fans are above us, whistling. And he asks us to give him the ball. In short, this is Bernardo », he sums up.

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