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Bernardo Silva and his departure from Benfica: “If they knew about football…”

Bernardo Silva and his departure from Benfica: “If they knew about football…”

The Manchester City star recalled his departure from Benfica, in the 2014/2015 season, to Monaco, for a fee approaching 15.7 million euros. In a short teaser, from an interview that will be published in full on Wednesday, on RTP, Bernardo recalled, with some sadness, the Monaco team’s transition process. “I thought the club could have held me in another way. But there is a group of four or five people who, if they understood football, would have seen things differently,” he said, without hiding the truth. His desire to return to his old home: “If the club wants me at that time, obviously things will happen,” noting that a return to Portugal via Porto or Sporting “will not happen.”

The Portuguese international also remembers a chapter from his childhood that served as the foundation for fostering his passion and desire to achieve more in the world of football. “They told me when I was training at Benfica: ‘A doctor’s son does not make a player’. I took it personally and did everything in my power to achieve that,” he said in a comment after a huge uproar. Successful season.

When it comes to remembering the achievements of the previous season, Bernardo Silva says with conviction that it is very difficult to repeat the same dose. “Emotional stability is one of the most important things in a person’s life. Last year, on a professional level, I won the Champions League and the English Championship. On a personal level, we got married and had our first daughter.” “I don’t know how it would be possible to replicate or improve a year like this. I think it would be very difficult.”

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However, the Portuguese international does not hide the fact that there are still goals to be achieved, especially from the corner to the chest, which slightly lifts the veil on his ambitions in the upcoming competition. “One of the failures of my career is that I was never able to help Portugal in the European Championship or the World Cup to advance a little bit. Let’s play to win. [Europeu]He concludes by saying: “There is a great responsibility on this generation to be successful.”