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Bernardo Silva on wanting to return to Benfica: "If they want me there..."

Bernardo Silva on wanting to return to Benfica: “If they want me there…”



This isn’t the first time he’s taken the job and probably won’t be the last: Bernardo Silva dreams of playing for Benfica again.

Bernardo Silva renewed his desire to play for Benfica again. In an interview with the newspaper Expresso, conducted by comedian Ricardo Araujo Pereira, the Manchester City striker spoke about the love he feels for avatars.

“Training and being president don’t make sense. But playing? Without a doubt, if they want me there…”, the creative shot.

“When you are a club, you always have that connection. Football connects us in a very strong way. It is very strange, because we are very emotional and not rational. When we are Benfica, in this situation, we always try to keep even though I think there are some things in life where We are very unreasonable, for example, politics, most of the time, religion and sport too. Strong football, which is the king sport in our country. A friend from Sporting, I am from Benfica, another friend from FC Porto. More cool and it ends, because The little ones, also with the help of their parents…for example, my mother is from Sporting and my father is Benfica..then I sting with my grandfather who was also a fan of Sporting today is more fun and thus makes people very excited, in this case, football.I think in my case It was this,” the Portugal international stated.