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Bernardo Souza reveals the advice given to Bruna Gomez in a fragile moment: ‘Our life goes on’

SELFIE had an EXCLUSIVE conversation with Bernardo Sousa, in ModaLisboa’s latest issue.

Bernardo Souza Bruna Gomez and Bruna Gomez were present on the last day of the ModaLisboa Core, which took place last Sunday, the 12th, to watch the Call Me Gorgeous show by Luis Borges.

SELFIE was speaking to the winner of TVI’s “Big Brother Famosos 2,” minutes before the aforementioned trademark introduction.

We asked her, “How was she living with Bruna?”. He began by replying to Bernardo Souza: “Brilliant. However, we moved away for a while, because she stayed in Brazil and came to Portugal.”

He continued, “She went through a more boring part, with this harassment and hate thing. In the meantime, we moved forward with the judicial process.”

“He took the opportunity to stay with his family, who didn’t have any time to be with his. I took part in the rally, and I had no time, so I said to him, ‘Stay with your family some more. Come on—what matters is that you’re all right—come back here.'” And I will be here and our lives will go on.”

Remember that Bruna Gomez has been the target of many hateful comments on social networkssomething he has been denouncing in recent months.

Now see photos of the couple on ModaLisboa Core.

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