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Bershka's New Dress Has an Inconsistent Color (But Creates a Perfect Silhouette) – NiT

Bershka's New Dress Has an Inconsistent Color (But Creates a Perfect Silhouette) – NiT

Bershka's new dress has an unapproved color (but creates a perfect silhouette)

The piece is characterized by its narrow, hourglass-shaped cut. It takes a great deal of courage to use it with confidence.

Without anyone expecting it – and against the will and tastes of many – lime green has taken over many women's wardrobes. According to the color symbolism, this combination of green and yellow has a calming effect. It is usually associated with nature and new beginnings, and characteristics associated with the upcoming season, spring.

The modern and bold tone has once again invaded the catwalks, shop windows and looks of fashion influencers. Proof that this trend is still very much alive is Bershka's new dress, perfect for those who want that bold color.

It is available in two other colors.

In addition to the color, the most important feature of this model is the narrow cut that defines the silhouette. It is perfect for those who want an hourglass shaped body as the slim fit highlights all the curves. If you want to highlight your waist area more, you can also add a matching belt.

With a black coat and high boots, for example, you can create an elegant outfit to wear on formal occasions or for everyday life. If you want to wear the dress to a more relaxed occasion, you can always wear flats and wear a shirt or jacket over it.

The model is also available in black and brown, which are more sober colors suitable for less courageous people. The cost per piece is 17.99 euros location In Bershka stores, it is available in sizes XS and L.

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