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Best European hospitals for Treatment of Neurological Disorders

Europe is home to the leading neurological hospitals, where both adults and children are treated. It is believed that neurological diseases are difficult to treat. The nervous system is quite individual, and the treatment methods suitable for some people may be unsuitable for others. European hospitals offer the latest methods of diagnostics and treatment of neurological diseases, as well as comprehensive rehabilitation.

Choosing the right hospital for neurology

Specific criteria must be met depending on the provisional diagnosis and what kind of medical care you require (examination, treatment, etc.).

It is best to visit multidisciplinary centers with excellent laboratories and equipment for proper diagnosis. Neurological disorders may be associated with immunologic, endocrine, and infectious diseases. Once an accurate diagnosis is established, it is advisable to choose a center with highly specialized doctors. The emphasis on elaborating an individual treatment and rehabilitation program is also essential.

A hospital should implement the latest medical developments. New medicines and modern medical equipment guarantee high quality of treatment. Cooperation with research centers and international medical institutes also contribute to a high quality of care. It is also essential to check the validity of the hospital’s license and its relevance to the services provided. The number of positive reviews, the average rating, and the clinic’s popularity play an important role as well.

When we turn to physicians, we hope for their competence which will lead to an improvement in our well-being. Booking Health has compiled a list of the best neurology hospitals in Europe with the highest quality technical facilities, good clinical practice, and modern treatment methods.

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The list of the best European hospitals for neurology includes:

  • University Hospital Ulm
  • Bundeswehr Academic Hospital Berlin
  • Beta Klinik Bonn
  • Charite University Hospital Berlin
  • University Hospital of Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich
  • University Hospital Carl Gustav Carus Dresden
  • University Hospital Muenster

Feel free to read about the best neurology hospitals in Europe on the Booking Health website.

Treatment in European neurology hospitals

For some neurological diseases, methods with an excellent therapeutic effect have been developed. For example, patients with multiple sclerosis can take a variety of medications that relieve symptoms and have a favorable effect on the course of the disease.

Thanks to modified therapeutic regimens in Europe, the prognosis of brain tumors has also improved. Cooperation between neurosurgeons, radiotherapists and neurologists specializing in chemotherapy (neuro-oncologists) is crucial in these cases.

Effective medications are available for migraines, Parkinson disease, and neuromuscular pathologies. And yet, there are still many pathologies in neurology for which there are no curative treatments. In such cases, patients receive supportive therapy in neurological rehabilitation clinics. Rehabilitation programs help to improve quality of life, relieve symptoms and adapt to everyday life.

For example, a team of physiotherapists, speech therapists, and occupational therapists works with patients with a stroke. The patient regularly performs exercises with feedback and receives medication therapy. At all stages of rehabilitation, doctors carefully monitor the patient’s health condition and prevent post-stroke depression.

Undergoing treatment in European neurology hospitals during the lockdown

For many people with neurological pathologies it is really complicated to travel, especially when it is traveling abroad. Choosing the hospital among the leading ones may also be tricky, as your health allows making only one attempt.

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In order to facilitate the process, contact Booking Health. Booking Health is the certified medical tourism provider that can organize the treatment for you, starting from choice of the healthcare facility and finishing with resolving issues with medical visas during a lockdown. Specialists of the company will support you throughout your treatment journey. You will have medical insurance with coverage up to 200,000 EUR, personal interpreter, and coordinator.

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