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Beta Cositrack on Polsat's New Year's Day.  You don’t even know how I needed it

Beta Cositrack on Polsat’s New Year’s Day. You don’t even know how I needed it

To take advantage of the opportunity to regain the confidence of his audience, Kochitrak achieved Pajmu’s huge success. He proudly took to the stage wearing sequins and initially sang the popular “White Army”. The audience was delighted. After the song, Cositrack decided to say thank you for the warm welcome. – You do not know how happy I am to meet you. I really needed it – she was saying it straight from the stage. – We can say goodbye to the old year and bang on the new – he added, announcing Pazmin’s next big victory, “What will you give me, Lord.”

The second half of 2021 was definitely not the best time in the life of the Bajmu leader. In September, the undeniable queen of Polish music discovered that there was 2 milligrams of alcohol in the exhaust air after zigzagging her car on the streets of Warsaw. “Dear, I’m sorry. I know I dropped you. I’m really sorry for what happened yesterday. I’m so ashamed. I know I have to face the consequences of what happened. I’m ready for it,” he explained to his fans after confessing to the police. Predicted a collapse in her life, she was trembling with fear that it would not be possible to return to the stage after a rally around Warsaw into a massive scandal and intoxication.Of course, in October, Fate looked at her and smiled. His performance could not be seen throughout Poland because the concert was not televised.Only the performance performed on the big Bolshoi stage on New Year’s Day can be considered as his return to the stage.

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The biggest slip of the year? Celebrity stylist shocked by the creation of beta cositrock. “Some strange things happened here”