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Bethesda will hold the event in August in all-digital format

Bethesda will hold the event in August in all-digital format

Two years into the pandemic, the topic of organizing physical events is still very sensitive, especially for video game fairs. This year, only Gamescom and the Tokyo Game Show will be welcoming audiences for the first time in a long time. Meanwhile, the future of E3 2022 is uncertain, but its cancellation was confirmed at the end of March and is expected to return only in 2023. QuakeCon 2022 Bethesda in 100% digital format.

QuakeCon was launched in 1996 by id Software, and has become the annual meeting venue for All fans of the Bethesda franchise and gives Software ID. The agreement had to return to digital format due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the 2022 edition will have to follow the same path for the third year in a row. It will be organized by August 18 to 20 It will definitely be broadcast on Twitch. This was confirmed on the official QuakeCon page via a press release posted on Twitter.

“This year, again, QuakeCon will be a digital-only event, August 18-20, 2022. Like you, we’re disappointed not to come back to Dallas this year. An event of this magnitude required months of planning, and as a result, we had to make decisions while it wasn’t There is still a lot of uncertainty to commit to actually running QuakeCon successfully.The QuakeCon team is already working hard on the release New and exciting broadcast schedule, Online dating, giveaways, charitable opportunities, virtual BYOC and more, more details will be announced in June. We are committed to returning with Full face-to-face festival in 2023 And we’re already looking forward to meeting our friends, to take part in a huge BYOC filled with their latest PC creations and loads of new games and devices to try. We hope to see you online in August and in person next year. »

Online gatherings, giveaways, charitable opportunities, and a virtual BYOC (Bring Your Computer) party are on the agenda, but Bethesda will share more details next June. However, organizers have promised the agreement will return to Madi for 2023.

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Finally, we know that this year’s Bethesda Softworks schedule will include RedvaleAnd starfield It is possible thatAn iconic long-running action shooter (FPS) game” Developed by id software (death or Earthquake?)