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Betty Grafstein's son has already arrived in Portugal

Betty Grafstein's son has already arrived in Portugal

RAuger Grafstein, son of Betty Grafstein, is already in Portugal. TVI recorded the moment the former jeweler's son arrived at Lisbon airport, accompanied by security guards, at around 11 am, on Tuesday the 21st.

According to the television station, Roger intends to find out about his mother's health and assist in the divorce process of Jose Castelo Branco.

His goal is also to bring Betty Grafstein back to the United States.

It should be noted that the social star was accused of domestic violence by his partner, who was hospitalized for a month after a fall that resulted in a fracture of his femur. However, she was also diagnosed with pneumonia.

After going to court, Castelo Branco was banned from approaching Betty by decision of the judge.

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