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Betty has already filed for divorce.  José Castelo Branco says his son is involved

Betty has already filed for divorce. José Castelo Branco says his son is involved

BEtty Grafstein has already filed for divorce from José Castelo Branco, a decision that was taken after the recent alleged attacks, which were reported in the context of the jewelry designer's hospital stay on April 20.

The information was provided by the newspaper Correio da Manhá, which added that the art dealer had already been informed of the formalization of the divorce application. still Fame by the minute Luciana Lima, Jose Castelo Branco's agent, confirmed that he only learned of the situation through the press.

“It was his son, Roger Grafstein, who went ahead with the divorce, and it was what he always wanted.”The businesswoman also said that it is worth noting that she also represented Betty Grafstein before the millionaire reported her partner's alleged attacks to the medical team at the CUF Cascais Hospital.

It is worth noting that Betty and Jose married in 1996, after a few years together. The marriage system under which they married was a separation of assets system, meaning that in this way the socialite would not be entitled to any part of his current partner's inheritance, in the event of her death.

Following allegations of domestic violence, the National Guard arrested José Castelo Branco and brought him before the Coroner of the Court of Sintra, after he was prohibited from contacting or approaching Betty Grafstein. The jewelry designer is still in hospital, and the latest update on her health condition stated that she is recovering from a pulmonary embolism.

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