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Bezos offered NASA $2 billion for a mission to the moon

Bezos offered NASA $2 billion for a mission to the moon

It seems that space travel is becoming popular. It is true that we are only at the beginning, but it is promising. Jeff Bezos, a millionaire businessman, is offering NASA $2 billion in exchange for a contract for a mission to the moon.

what do you want Founder of Amazon and Blue Origin?

Bezos asked NASA to promote "healthy competition"

Jeff Bezos became the second millionaire to go into space. Now, Bezos is offering NASA up to $2 billion if the US space agency awards Blue Origin a contract that would allow the development of a spacecraft to take "astronauts" to the moon.

Recall that in April, NASA awarded SpaceX (from Elon Musk), a contract to build a rocket that will carry astronauts into space, in 2024.

In a letter sent to NASA, Bezos said Blue Origin will waive payments in the current fiscal year and beyond, amounting to up to $2 billion.

Bezos offered NASA $2000 million for a moon mission

It should be noted that the US space agency had initially stated that it intended to have at least two private companies competing to build the rocket. While Elon Musk says he doesn't have enough money to sign more contracts associated with the project, Bezos says money won't be a hindrance.

Bezos asked NASA to promote a "healthy competition" as the agency responsible for travel to the moon.

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