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BGNG Superlica.  Patrick Maseki's show in Gdańsk.  The Tornavians reduced the losses to Torres Vibris

BGNG Superlica. Patrick Maseki’s show in Gdańsk. The Tornavians reduced the losses to Torres Vibris

Undefeated in the attack, Torres Vibris Kadesk lost to Gruba Asodi Torno 23:29 in the PGNIG Superlica. Patrick Masecki excelled on the Dornov team and can boast of over 60% performance in the first half.

Mikas Kashovsky

Patrick Masecki

WP SportoweFakty / Sebastian Maciejko / Photo: Patryk Małecki

Taking advantage of Torres Vibrisi Kodanskin’s very misguided play, Groba Azodi Torno’s players entered the match correctly. The advantage of the team from Masopolska, in which Patrick Maseki was doing well on target, grew very fast, already in the 4th minute, Rennosuk Tokuda’s goal after 0: 5, Marius Zurkhevich heard with time and sharp words reminded his accusations to wake up.

This paid off as Torres began to reclaim the beach. When Kelian Jonikowski scored in the 14th minute, it was already 5: 6. Torres Vibrisi had a chance to equalize, but Maseki still won the goal. 6.

Torres Vibrizi failed miserably, Patrick Maseki was 65% effective in the 27th minute, which speaks for itself! The guests from Torno thanked him profusely for being in their favor, and although the Gdańsk players threw two more kicks, the result was 8:13 on the scoreboard until the break.

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The Gdańsk players started the second half well, after a goal from Gelian Zhanikovsky in the 36th minute, it was already 14:16. The coach, Patrick Lille Registrar, asked for time, which calmed down the Dornowers’ game, at least for a moment. Torres Vibrisi was so determined that a few minutes later it was the ball for a draw, with two goals in a row being scored by Grie Niacov and Jacob Kovalik, who unfortunately did not finish the match due to a knee injury suffered by Franco Daniel Cavidia.

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The next minutes passed and the Torres Vibris players were still useless. After two successful penalty kicks by Toguda, the spectators took the lead with a five-goal lead. Residents of Gdańsk were completely lost in the attack and their actions were clearly helpless. Coach Zurkhevich asked for time with a six-goal loss. The protection of “belonging to all” does not work. Gruba won the match with a 29:23 qualifier and was close to the Khodask players on the table.

Torres Wybrzeże Gdańsk – Grupa Azoty Tarnów 23:29 (8:13)

Torres Ghost: Similisky (5/26 – 19%), Witkowski (1/9 – 11%) – Adamsik 5, Janikovsky 5, Kosmala 4, Babaj 4, Stojek 3, Kavidia 1, Mosquera 1 and Lineak, Sulage, Kotek, Komerlatov, Jaklov , Bird, mushroom.
Karne: 1/2.
Penalties: 4 min. (Sparrow 4 min.).

கிருபா அசோதி: Maseki (13/35 – 37%), Lil Rekand (1/2 – 50%) – Kovalik 7, Tokuda 5, Yoshida 5, Guidoba 4, Nyajiv 3, Vojton 3, Sonek 1, Patrick 1 and Zahirovic, Sikora, Wajda , Thadej.
Karne: 3/3.
Penalties: 10 min. (Patrick, Yoshida – Po 4 min., Toguda 2 min.).

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