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Imagem de: BGS 2022: HyperX apresenta linha de monitores Armada ao público

BGS 2022: HyperX introduces Armada screen line to the public

HyperX is a well-known company in the peripheral market, especially when it comes to mice, keyboards, headphones, and microphones for streaming. However, it is preparing to debut in the high-performance monitor market with the Armada line, which is supposed to arrive in Brazil in the middle of 2023.

During the Brazil Game Show, in São Paulo, visitors had the opportunity to experience the new gaming screens live in a booth of more than 500 square meters, which had a city feel with payphones as test stations.

To understand more about the launch of Armada monitors, voxel Had a chance to talk to him Gaius RitchieAnd the HyperX General Manager Latin America. paying off:

Models and Features

Armada monitors release includes two consumer-choice models: 25-inch and 27-inch. Both promise high resolutions and support for NVIDIA’s G-Sync technology, which seeks to reduce “dropped frames” when the frequency between the video card and the monitor is different.

First of all, the Armada 25 It promises a 240Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time, which are ideal features for competitive and accurate gaming. It delivers Full HD resolution with an emphasis on displaying vibrant colors and details on 24.5-inch FHD (1920 x 1080) IPS panels, intended to gain a competitive advantage during matches.

In turn, the Armada 27 It brings a clearer picture, with a higher resolution, 27-inch IPS QHD widescreen, 2560 x 1440 resolution and VESA HDRTM 400 display, which promises more clarity under different types of light. It also offers a response time of 1ms while the refresh rate is 165Hz.

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This new product line, according to Caio, is a reflection of HP’s recent acquisition of HyperX, which is already a company with machinery and expertise in the sector. “When we talk about screens, we are naturally moving away from the basics of the traditional ambient context, which is a great bet for the brand.”in an interview with voxel.

HyperX Armada is the brand’s debut in the high-performance monitor segment.source: Reproduction / Bruno Magalhaes

Ease of use

One of the main concerns of the product is to provide, right in the box, Everything the consumer needs for its installation and comfortIn order to provide greater ease of use. And therefore, Armada monitors already come with a base to mount and mount as a main base on the tableplus a flexible arm It allows you to leave the screen at the height and position you want.

“This is already the standard for the product. So it will have a different look and performance than what the market is used to offering. All this while always maintaining the prevailing quality and maintaining the premium position of the brand. Bringing what fans and potential fans of the brand expect from us, maximum quality, maximum performance and maximum delivery”Gaius explains.

The desktop stand, called the HyperX Armada Single Gaming Mount, is made of durable materials and is compatible with monitors up to 32″ and 9kg. The flexible arm, in addition to being compatible with both versions, also works with most screens in VESA standard 75mm and 100mm.

BGS 2022 City HyperX allows you to experience Armada monitors live in Brazil.BGS 2022 City HyperX allows you to experience Armada monitors live in Brazil.source: Reproduction / Bruno Magalhaes

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Launch and Presence at BGS

During the Brazil Game Show 2022, HyperX bet on a themed booth called Hyper X Citywhich brings stations to test the new screens, the stage of head-to-head confrontations with professional players and influencers, and of course, the traditional store of the brand’s products.

Gaming stations, equipped with Armada screens, consist of payphones that allow you not only to try new products, but also to play games like Astro game roomexclusively for the PlayStation 5 that makes great use of DualSense features, and Counter-Strike: Global OffensiveIt is one of the most popular competitive games today.

The new HyperX monitor line is currently slated to launch in mid-2023, with no exact date or MSRP yet. “We are still a bit far from the moment of sale, but we can expect a very exciting position against the quality of the product”Gaius reassured.