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Bial Prize in Biomedicine – SNS

Bial Prize in Biomedicine – SNS

“There is no better goal for science than to save lives and improve people's quality of life,” said Manuel Pizarro.

“The winning essay is a profound motivation to recognize the absolutely central importance of knowledge, research and science in the progress of humanity,” said Manuel Pizarro, at the closing session of the Bial Prize in Biomedicine 2023, held in Lisbon, on 2023. February 20.

The research, which won the third edition of the Biel Prize in Biomedicine, demonstrates, for the first time, a new mechanism of communication between neurons and cancer cells. This work helps understand the development of cancer, specifically glioblastoma, a highly aggressive type of brain tumor, and identify potential new treatments.

The Minister of Health defended that “there is no better purpose for science applied in the field of health than to save lives and improve the quality of people's lives,” adding that “every new discovery raises new questions and new challenges, inspiring an attitude towards the world and man.” Biology is what keeps us moving forward.”

In this context, Manuel Pizarro believes that it is necessary to continue “promoting science as a source of progress for humanity and society.” The government official then highlighted the importance of cooperation in the scientific field. “When we talk about the merits of science, we are talking about individual knowledge. The complexity of research increasingly requires the exchange of knowledge and perspectives among peers.

At the conclusion of his speech, the Minister of Health thanked the determination and perseverance of those conducting the investigation, which are “essential for the development and prosperity of societies.” “There is reason for hope and optimism,” Pizarro stated, highlighting the “extraordinary journey” of the BIAL Foundation, which he considers “very inspiring for the country, Europe and the world.”

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