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Biblical stories about the destruction of ancient cities confirmed by science

Biblical stories about the destruction of ancient cities confirmed by science

Y Vaknin et al. / PNAS

Scientists have discovered that the biblical stories of the destruction of ancient cities match the geological clues found.

Sodom and Gomorrah are, according to the Bible, two cities that God destroyed with fire and/or the fall of brimstone from the sky.

Issuance Old Testament of the Bible is that Sodom was destroyed With fire and brimstone, along with neighboring Gomorrah, were aroused by God’s wrath for not having “men of valour” there. Scientists, in turn, suggest that it could be an earthquake or even a meteorite.

These are just two examples of several biblical references to destroyed cities.

For example, according to the Bible, Gate It was one of the main cities of the Philistines and home to the giant Goliath. Its destruction, described in less than a Bible verse, is covered up in II Kings. Now this vast city is nothing more than an archaeological dig.

Recently, according to Big thoughtA team of scientists has tried a new way to date archaeological fossils like Gath. using the Earth’s magnetic field.

Earth’s magnetic field deflects radiation and protects our planet from solar winds and cosmic rays, among other dangers. However, the magnetic field is dynamic and can completely reverse itself. The history of these changes is carved in stone. Digging into the deep sea allows us to read the history of the planet’s magnetic field.

king Hazael Damascus, was feared 2,800 years ago, having destroyed several cities wherever it was. Numerous archaeological sites illustrate the brutality of Hazael’s campaigns.

However, there is an element in the destruction of these cities that may help the investigators. The fights were terrible with the fires spreading. This heat melted the mud bricks of the cities and brought them in line with the Earth’s magnetic field.

As such, the fragments of rubble contain information needed by investigators Specifies exactly when these cities were destroyed.

With this in mind, scientists gathered information about the direction and strength of Earth’s magnetic field and combined it with knowledge of other events whose exact timing is known.

“We then compared the magnetic findings with those of other finds whose dates are not well known, but which date back to roughly the same periods, according to other dating methods,” explains Yoav Vaknin, co-author of the study.

The team found that several cities were destroyed at the same time – Tel Rehov, Horvat Tevet, Tel Zeit And the Gate🇧🇷 They will all be destroyed by Hazael.

city Beth Shen Hill In Judea, it will be destroyed 70 to 100 years ago to others, by Pharaoh Shoshenq I. Biblical account of destruction Tell Beit Shams It also seems to fit with the research team’s findings.

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