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'Bibuka' Anna Morena rocks live: 'Worst sorority ambassador'

‘Bibuka’ Anna Morena rocks live: ‘Worst sorority ambassador’

aNa Morena was the competitor who was kicked out of “Big Brother” on Sunday night, 21, and upon arriving at the Venda do Pinheiro studio, she encounters the opinion of Ana Garcia Martins (A Pipoca Mais Doce).

“I think Anna has two advantages with this show: the first is that she is probably the greatest villain that ever happened on a reality show in Portugal, I think in 50 years people will still know who Anna Morena was. The second merit, perhaps more noble, was a fact I made the whole of Portugal talk about a sorority,” he began by saying.

“Indeed all of Portugal had heard the term sorority, but very few people understood it because Anna was probably the worst ambassador that could exist to represent this cause. Anna mixed the concept a lot, and Anna was often unfair to her colleagues, Anna often was He treats women in the house, and indeed, if someone does not know what a sorority is, I do not think that through Anna they have learned it”, Shot.

She concluded: “A good friend of hers here said that if I won 100,000 euros, it would be worth it. I wouldn’t be able to speak for herself, but I think that the character assassination that Anna committed from her picture inside the game wasn’t worth 10 million. I hope Good luck to you.”

When the presenters asked her if she would like to respond to “Pipoca”, Anna Morena took the opportunity. “Maybe I have not given the explanation I would like to give. The sorority subject has to do with the union of women, but it is not enough that a woman is born, there are duties that women have to each other and I think that and he said that there are certain things that have to be said,” referring to attitudes In which “women insult themselves and speak behind their backs.”

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Watch the moment Here.

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