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Bice MP  Jersey Wilk's funeral begins -

Bice MP Jersey Wilk’s funeral begins –

At St. Cathedral. Nicholas, Holy Mass began in Elbag. Bice MP Funeral of Jersey Wilk. The service will be attended by Prime Minister Matos Moravsky and PAIC President, Deputy Prime Minister Jaroslaw Kokszyski.

Bice MP Jersey Wilk’s funeral is state-owned. Funeral services will be held at St. Cathedral. Nicholas in Elbag, Funeral services will be held shortly after the Mass. Agricola – Elblock Municipal Cemetery.

Prime Minister Mathews Moraviski and the President of Pyongyang, Deputy Prime Minister Jaroslaw Coxiewski and Deputy Speaker Sezm Risard Terleki have already arrived at Elblock Cathedral.

Jersey Schmidt, chairman of the Pies County in Allstein, Adam Odakovsky, Pomeranian and Warmione-Masurian Voyages, Pies representatives from the region, Leonard Kroszczykzki and Kofszczofzhar and Kofszczofkar and Roberts Elipeta Gellart, M.S. Zibiknev Zievsky is a B.S.L.

MP in Vistula Speed ​​Cut Project Visva-Pyotrikovsky, head of the Maritime office in Guinea, which Wilk collaborated with, and Deputy Ministers of Infrastructure Marek Kruperkic and Kresor Vitkovsky also visited the cathedral. Wilk was heavily involved in the implementation of this investment.

Elblock participates in the primary function of schools and local organizations.

For epidemiological reasons, only those with invitations were allowed into the cathedral. In front of the temple, there is a large screen where you can watch the broadcast.

Jersey Wilk passed away Sunday at the age of 66. He was a member of the local government for many years and was the 8th and 9th member of the Sage of the Republic of Poland, President of Elblock from 2013-2014.