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Biden asks the Senate to speed up adoption of the Ukraine package – but risks defeat

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A proposal to decide on these matters was submitted on Sunday. The total amount corresponds to approximately NOK 1,250 billion.

“I ask the Senate to come together and quickly pass this bipartisan agreement, and to get it to my desk so I can sign it into law immediately,” says President Joe Biden.

The proposal comes after several months of negotiations. But in both parties, there are supporters and opponents of the proposal, according to Reuters news agency.

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The house is noisy

According to Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, the proposal must be voted on by Wednesday at the latest. It remains unclear whether the necessary 60 votes were obtained.

Republican Mike Johnson, the House leader, says the package will be “dead on arrival” if it gets there.

This proposal is worse than we feared, and will not come close to stopping the border disaster the president has created, he writes X.

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Wide package

The package includes just over $20 billion for border control with Mexico, as well as just over $60 billion in support for Ukraine and just over $14 billion for Israel, according to a Senate source.

In addition, approximately $2.5 billion will be allocated to U.S. Army Central Command and the Red Sea Conflict and approximately $5 billion will be allocated to support U.S. partner nations in the escalating situation with China.

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Furthermore, $10 billion comes from humanitarian aid to civilians in the Gaza Strip, the occupied West Bank, and Ukraine.

Ukraine stops

And then there are hints at the end of several months of political drama. If an agreement is not reached, there will be a complete cessation of US arms support for Ukraine – support that will be difficult for Ukraine's other allies to replace.

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However, many Republicans were very skeptical about continued funding for the defense war in Ukraine.

In particular, Biden's potential presidential opponent, Donald Trump, has been skeptical of letting Democrats win a tug-of-war over money for border control, Israel and Ukraine. Many Republicans want to stop support for Ukraine, as well as a tougher border policy. For their part, many Democrats believe the immigration policy proposal is too stringent, and doubts about support for Israel are rapidly growing within the party.

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