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Biden reportedly did not remember when his son died or when he was vice president

Biden reportedly did not remember when his son died or when he was vice president

The report on President Joe Biden's handling of classified documents was made public on Thursday. Special counsel Robert Hoare concluded that the president had knowingly shared classified information, but that there was no basis for a criminal case.

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One reason Hoare points out is that Biden is old. The president is 81 years old. The special counsel believes that Biden, to the jury, may have appeared like a “sympathetic, well-intentioned man with a bad memory.”

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– Memory was worse

In several cases i the report Private investigator questions the president's memory.

“In the interview with our office, Biden’s memory was worse. He did not remember when he had been vice president, and forgot on the first day of the interview when his term as vice president ended (“If it had been 2013, when did you resign as vice president?”). On the second day of the interview, he forgot when his term as vice president began (“In 2009, are you still vice president?”). He did not remember when his son died.”

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The interviews with the department were supposed to take place in 2023. But Hoare believes Biden's memory was already limited in 2017. The special counsel listened to the conversations with Biden's co-author, and described them as “extremely slow.”

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– He uses offensive terms

Biden's team responds forcefully. Counsel Richard Sauber and Biden attorney Bob Bauer wrote in a letter dated February 5, 2024, that they did not believe the descriptions of Biden's memory were accurate or appropriate. Sauber confirms that it is common to be unable to recall memories from several years ago.

“Such comments do not fit within the DOJ report,” he wrote.

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They also indicated in the letter that the interviews began the day after the attack on Israel. Sauber also claims that Biden is being treated differently, as other witnesses also had problems remembering, without it being described that way.

“Not only do you treat the President differently, but you also use biased terms,” the lawyers wrote in the letter.

In conclusion, they asked Hoare to consider their points carefully before finalizing the report.

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