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Big Brother app is down!  Christina Ferrera apologizes live

Big Brother app is down! Christina Ferrera apologizes live

The application for “Big brother“It caused TVI some ‘headaches’ due to technical issues.

I remember that Christina FerreiraIn addition to being a presenter, contributor and Director of Entertainment and Fiction at TVI, She is the CEO of Media Capital Digital, so this field of technology concerns her as well.

At the concert on Sunday, December 17th Francisco Montero and Marcia Soares They were announced as the most voted players of the week. The two vote on the request for one of them to win a passport to the final (now by general decision).

The request was held up for a few minutes, and Cristina Ferreira reacted live: “The desire to vote was so great that we had to arrange the voting.” program Which came down. So, There are a lot of people who want to decide which one of you will go to the final. Be Everything already exists [resolvido]We are very sorry that we were unable to control the huge influx of people trying to vote at the same time, from the moment we opened the application, but at this moment everything has been restored.“.

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