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“Big Brother” contestant Daniela Ventura is hiding her real identity – Verveer

“Big Brother” contestant Daniela Ventura is hiding her real identity – Verveer

Wilson Teixeira took to his social networks to reveal a situation related to Daniela Ventura, a contestant on “Big Brother 2024”. The former contestant from “Casa dos Segredos” ensures that the 24-year-old entered the most watched house in the country with a fake identity.
“What if I told you that the casting was so bad that someone got the title of ‘Big Brother’ under a fake identity?”Wilson Teixeira said, referring to Daniela Ventura.
The football coach revealed the evidence he has that Muslim women are not who they say they are. Through some “stories” he posted on Instagram, Wilson Teixeira shared a social media profile he had access to, which appeared to belong to the Angolan woman.
In this profile, her name is Neridi Fisher, the writer, and the young woman says she is a writer and goes by several names. “My name is Niella Venn when I'm a YouTuber. My name is Nereidy Fischer when I'm a writer/model/actress…”, you can read. This discovery left Wilson Teixeira in shock.

Wilson Teixeira showed the alleged real profile of Daniela Ventura where she had another name

“I am shocked. The person lied. He lies to everyone who appears on TV. Or he converted to Islam and changed everything: he changed his age, he changed his identity, he changed the course of his life.”He said sarcastically.Wilson Teixeira carried out his investigation a little deeper and, according to these profiles, he discovered that Daniela Ventura hid some information at the Curva da Vida, last Sunday. The 'Big Brother' contestant hid having a baby. The Muslim woman reportedly became pregnant in 2017.
Finally, for the soccer coach, since they only require competitors with their citizenship card to register for the program, there is no difficulty entering with a fake ID.

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She accuses the former competitor of the Angolan “Casa dos Segredos” of falsifying her identity.