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"Big Brother."  Her parents kidnapped Jessica?  Former competitor explains!

“Big Brother.” Her parents kidnapped Jessica? Former competitor explains!

“Big Brother – A Revolução” Finalist Jessica Fernandez decided to put an end to some of the rumors spread by the fans themselves.

Angry at some rumors on social media, Jessica Fernandez I decided to share a video on Instagram to make it all clear. “Let’s see if I can clarify one thing, once and for all. My parents do not arrest me. I am not my father’s prisoner. I am not kidnapped by my father. I am not arrested or imprisoned. I go out whenever I want. If I want to go to Lisbon, I will.” My parents never arrest me or stop me from doing anything at all.I am 24 years old and I live with my parents.I lived alone too, but I didn’t like the experience. […] My parents are all I have in life. I am a person with a very specific personality and my parents are the ones who know me well, and really love me, ” he began by emphasizing Fado is a singer.

“This is a story that I don’t have RenatoBecause my parents arrested me, it must be over. You are smashing me from the inside. I don’t like reading these things about my mom. Do you want me to stay with Renato by force? But this will not happen! I will not go back to Renato. I have very good reasons. I’ve been disappointed in many ways, “said Jessica Fernandez.

Former contender for “Big Brother – Duplo Impact“He still lists some insults to the mother, Sandra FernandezHe was targeted: “My mom lacks respect and says they like me? How do you love me and leave me in this situation? Don’t bother me.”

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Watch now, in full, Jessica Fernandez’s explosion, in the video.